HAVE: Mango Ginger - Curcuma amada

kerai(z8 SC)February 3, 2006

I bought few of these rhizomes recently. The flowers look so lovely! Have never grown them, going to experiment. Have some for trade. This website has a picture of the flower.


I am primarily looking for plants in my want list. Would consider other offers as well.



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wendo(z8 Louisiana)


I am not sure whether you still have the curcuma. I have a balcony garden in New Orleans, so I am only looking for one. I looked at your list, and I don't have anything on there, but a bird of paradise (see below). But, I do have:

walking iris pups (some rather large)
canna (very close to Cattleya)
red (maroon) velvet oxalis

The bird of paradise is small, but healthy... and about 7 years old. I am fairly sure it is blooming, but I have yet to see it. It was from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's collection.


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AuntieMame(FL Z8)

Kerai, I would like to have a couple of the mango ginger.
I have bird of paradise to trade. I'm in NW FL.

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kerai(z8 SC)

Wendy and auntiemame, I emailed you both through the Gardenweb since your email addresses are blocked. Please email me directly,

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mrao77(TX US zone 7)

Do you still have any for trade? I just happened to see your recent post.

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