Growing heliconia in zone 5a

poconomareApril 22, 2012

Hello, I have been reading and learning from all your wonderful posts (not responding because I am a novice and a bit shy!). I am hoping that you can help me make a decision about buying a heliconia plant for my zone, which is frigid. I plan on keeping it in a large pot and wintering it over inside. This winter was very warm and I was able to keep all of my plants alive. 10 Brugmansias made it as well as fuchsias, begonias, geraniums and shrimp plant. Will a heliconia flower in zone 5a?

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Hi Poco

If you can start it early enough inside with heat and good lighting , then no problems..a good misting helps..

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Thank you. I just ordered one from ebay (Hawaiian seller) and it should arrive by May 18th.

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