HAVE: Staghorn begonia

cocomo(z10 / PR)February 11, 2007

I have three rooted strong stems of this cane begonia and they are begining to sprout new leaves. This is an neat foliage plant and easy to grow. I have problems trying to post a picture in this forum but if you e-mail me I can send you one. I will send one per trade unless you have two or more plants that I would like. I would like to trade in the next two weeks so I will limit this offer to folks in the deep southern states where I can mail at this time without risk of the plants getting frozen. I may trade some more later.

I am looking for not so common tropicals. I have most common ones. Especially would like some Elephant ears such as the ones listed below or Rex begonias. Not looking for cannas at this time. Thanks for looking.

Alocasia Fridek

Alocasia cuprea

Alocasia corazon

Alocasia Black velvet

Alocasia lowii

Alocasia nebula

Alocasia reginae

Alocasia Mark Campbell

Alocasia brancifolia

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