Almost MTPS time

sandyl(Zone 6B -7)September 12, 2009

Hello everyone. Well its about MTPS time. I have a potted Maiden grass that i'll be bring to the swap. I have included a picture of what the potted grass will look like after it's planted and a couple years old. The plant I have is in a 5 gal pot and is a couple years old all ready but does need to be in the ground and does have a couple plums on it. THe picture I have included is one of my 11 plants that I have in my yard at this time.

I would Like to trade for a well established clematis, one that I don't already have. I have a SAC, I have two Jackmanii,Liberation,Ramona,sprinkles, Ms.Bateman, two Asco and one Ernest Markham. I would like to trade for possibly Ms. Barbara Harrinton,Henyi, not the bell shape Henryi, Verenne, Dr. Ruppel, or John Paul II, or Rooguchi. Must be a well established plant. I'll also be bring bagged dry goat manure again this fall. Sandy

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Ya gotta love a woman that bags goat poo and uses it to swap with!!!

Sandy I got a bag the last time you brought some and it was great.

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ladybug37091(z7 Tennessee)

Sandy, You sure are photogenic! I have no pictures of me in the garden as I always look like I am covered with that good bagged stuff you bring to the swap when I'm out there. lol. Your maiden grass is lovely. My garden was so overrun with weeds that I pruned most of my clematis down needed or not when I finally got to the weeding chore. I look forward to seeing you at the swap! Rhonda

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Sandy!!My I have a bag of the goat poo?It will be great on my daylilys.

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Hey Everyone, I am Wanda/Columbia, and "Will Be There" with ALL MY Swaps, I have know idea the person Ronda is talking about! Hope she tells 'ME'.

Wanda/ columbiastock

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Will said poo last through the Winter (so I can use in Sping)? If so, i'd love some poo! lol

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ladybug37091(z7 Tennessee)

Wanda, I was saying that I (Rhonda) look like I am covered in manure while in the garden and not photgenic. If you are bringing bagged gold to the swap I would love to have some. :)

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