HAVE: Cardamom, Aloe, White Hyacinth Bean Vine, Naranjillas

salamander(NJ)March 29, 2008

Seeds I have to trade: Pink Hibiscus with red eye and Lavender Poppies

Plants I have to trade:

Cardamom, aloe and white hyacinth bean vine, well rooted plants.

Naranjillas (at least 3" or taller plants) -


Plants I am looking for:

Unusual/tropical veggies, fruit and berry plants that can be grown in containers, miracle fruit, and am open for suggestions on anything else but needs to be unusual/tropical that can be grown in containers.

I have limited space and am not interested in flowers.

Happy Spring + happy trading!!!

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I've been looking for Cardamom. As far as spices and tropical veggies. I have to trade: edible hibiscus (green leaves used like lettuce), Thai ginger (galanga), Pandan (pandanus used for flavoring and aromatics). Though not out of dormancy yet, I can dig you a rhizome of turmuric for trade as well. Let me know if any of those will do for you.

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What kind of aloe?


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