HAVE: Strongolydon macrobotrys, Yu Hua Ginger

bihai(zone 9)March 1, 2007

Have about a 4 ft section of VERY WELL ROOTED green jade vine to trade. Can post a photo. Looking for...?

Also have a piece of Yu Hua ginger (variegated alpinia), am thinning my greenhouse stand, for...?

Looking for:

Philo White Knight



Hoya imbricata

orchids, especially Epidendrums other than orange

Thousand fingers banana

offers...? Whatcha got?

Can't really use other vines (other than Hoyas)

Can't trade to: CA, LA, TX, AZ, HI

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cocomo(z10 / PR)


I would be interested in your green jade vine.
I have a purple epidendrum, also a peach/pink dendrobium orchid.
I could send both of these for your plant.

I think I have some aglaonemas but need a few days to ID and find out which ones I can trade at this moment.
Will e-mail in a few days.

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Jany_PR(11 PR)

I would like to know if you still have jade vine to trade.

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