Tropical vine for part shade?

ravensfan52(6)April 29, 2014

Hi all,

I am looking for suggestions for a tropical flowering vine that I could train on an obelisk in the middle of an existing bed that gets dappled morning sun, stronger late morning sun, then shade from a Japanese maple in the afternoon. I like mandevillas but I thought they neded full sun. I also like bougainvillas, but again, full sun for best flowering and growth. Any ideas ?? The other plants in this bed are pastels, not bright reds/oranges, so I would prefer anything in the pink/purple range that flowers all summer. Not a tall order or anything, right?!
Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have!

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Thunbergia mysorensis could be a good one. Also many of the Hoyas should be suitable, there's a lot to choose from.

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newgen(9 Central California)


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My plain old morning glories are awesomely tropical, looking, clear, readily available, and particularly cool if you have a long enough summer to bring a moonflower vine to flowering. (Ahhh! Night time tropical garden is my favorite thing ever!) They cover a fence with AM sun- 8 to 12, mixing with a spring flowering jasmine.
Mind you I live in usda zone 9b., and things absolutely fry in windy, PM sun here.

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