need help with elephant ear bulb!

clarejoe(7 (NJ))April 21, 2009

First timer here and I don't know which side gets planted up and which one down. Can you help?

Is it this end up:??

another shot

or this end up?

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The 1st picture is the side you plant facing up.

The last picture is showing where your bulb was broken off of another bulb.

Some other advice:

- These bulbs are very prone to rotting in cool spring weather especially if the soil is too wet.
- They can take a long time to get going but once the warm weather hits they will take off. Be patient.
- If you want to get a headstart plant first in a pot. Water the soil thoroughly and place the whole pot in a clear plastic bag sealed at the top. Place in a warm sunny location. Once you see some sprouts then open the bag.
- Planting outside early in the cool ground won't speed up growth. High temps are key so it's sometimes better to wait.

Good luck

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JohnnieB(Washington, DC 7a/b)

I agree, cold soil is a no-no. Even under the best of circumstances elephant ear tubers can take a long time to sprout so I usually start them indoors, several weeks before it's warm enough to put them out. I bury them almost all the way to the top, leaving just the tip exposed, then keeping it moist (not wet) and warm and giving it good light. Heat is the real key to getting them to sprout.

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