grocery store taro

GardenKiwi(Z5 Michigan)April 16, 2005

Found taro at the grocery so got a dozen.

They were kept damp with the mist sprayer in the store. I am wondering - should I let them dry out, then put into the frig for while to simulate winter, and then bring them out and pot up? I figure they are from the tropics and may be muddled up a bit as to when to sprout.

What do you all recommend?

Thanks for the help!

Kiwi in Kalamazoo

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I don't think you'd need to cool it down. just plunk it in the ground and it likes it wet. In the tropics we don't cool down corms.


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JohnnieB(Washington, DC 7a/b)

I agree, plant them immediately; if you plant them indoors (and in zone 5 I can't imagine it's nearly warm enough to plant them outdoors), keep them as warm as you can to encourage sprouting.

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cannaz(z6 MO)

I would not refrigerate them, that might cause them to rot. The taro originates in southeast asia and the south-pacific. There is no winter there. I would just pot them right below the soil surface, keep them moist and apply a little bottom heat from a germination mat. I hope they grow for you!

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Danielle98(z7 GA)

I started Taro in mid-March and the leaves are now about 1'. I also purchased pink and white Malanga which is budding but does not have any leaves. It is also a beautiful Elephant Ear. Get to an Asian store and purchase Malanga of both colors if you can find. also purchased Dasheen but nothing is happening with it yet. I started planting Taro about 7 years ago and it comes back every year. Can take shade or sun but of course gets larger if planted in the sun. You will be very pleased.

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Danielle98(z7 GA)

I placed the Taro in a pot first and when it had leaves on it, I placed it in the ground and placed dirt halfway up the taro, then sprinkled bonemeal around it, covered with more dirt and watched it take off. You do not need to mist or refrigerate. Keep it moist but not wet as you can rot the bulb. Been there done that!!! Good luck.

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