HAVE: Have unusual tropicals

keiki(10 FL)April 16, 2011

I am looking for a few good trades.

I have:

Artabotrys hexapetalus - climbing ylang ylang

gonatopus boivinii - giraffes knee

variegated solandra large plant - variegated cup of gold

variegated crinium lily

anthurium hookerii big plant - birds nest fern

bombax glabra - malabar chestnut

hedychium kewense

raja puri bananas


michelia champaca yellow - joy perfume tree

michelia figo - banana shrub

eugenia uniflora black - black surinam cherry

dwarf guava

salvia madrensis - redneck salvia

salvia leucantha santa barbara

hedychium vanilla ice

aristolochia fimbriata

aglaia odorata

named heat tolerant orchids

edibles I don't have

anything I do not already have that is beautiful and uncommon


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Do you still have the climbing ylang ylang?

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Hello just wondering if you still have any climbing ylang ylang ? If so I would like to trade you for rooted night blooming jasmine , if your interested.

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keiki(10 FL)

Yes I still have climbing ylang ylang.

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Hi Keiki-
I have many beautiful brugmansia, Mrs Ellen B crinum, Giant Elephant ear, fragrant hedychim white butterfly ginger, morning glory tree, and others to choose from as well - would you be interested in trading for your climbing ylang ylang? Please email me at gardensbykasha@yahoo.com and let me know! Thanks!

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I am interested in your giraffes knees and variegated solandra, and malabar chestnut. I have Lots of rooted different colored hibiscus, abutilon, loquat seedlings, Golden senna seedlings, white datura seeds, chenille plant if you are interested in any of these. jrm5103@gmail.com

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