Dracaena Draco's. How do I get it to grow like this?

Diamonddog(CA)April 26, 2004

I wasnt sure where to post this. Its not really a palm. But many people who have Palm gardens have these mixed in. If I should post in a different forum, please let me know. I do think its "tropical" though

I am inquiring about Dracaena Draco or Dragon Trees.

Does anyone have experience growing them? I am going to plant 7 along a 100' retaining wall/planter.

If you look at the picture where I am attaching a link, you will see that the trunks are very long and straight without anything branchin off until 20' or so in the air.

I am guessing they don't naturally grow like this...or do they? I am thinking you have to cut them or trim them as they are growing and they grow extremely slow. I have seen pictures of very mature ones and they look like stalks of brocolli. Rather than brocolini (look I am going for).

Could someone shed some light.

For a 4' high plant, these things cost about $350 bucks each.

I might just get some Triangle Palms if these Dracaena draco are too much of a hassle.

I want a very "contemporary look" and something not everyone has. Thats why I selected this tree or Triangle Palms. I want people to look and say "what are those..never seen them before"

Does anyone have any other suggestions of palms or plants that would fit the bill. Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Plant threm as they are and wait 10 to 15 years. Then they will flower and branch. The fruit make good cough medecine!

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I had no idea these plants were so expensive. I am raising them from seed to hopefully plant around some property  they are a beautiful tree. The nice thing about these trees is they can live a long time; I have read about 4000 years. Because they are in the agave family or related to the agave they should be easy to maintain. Your link did not work, but these trees are in some California parks & are fairly common in the desert gardens of botanic parks.

Mine are still at the seedling to 1 year old stage. I have noticed they do not like sand. I have some in soil & some in peat  the ones I have not taken out of peat yet are doing the best.

Like Alejandro1 said they do have medicinal qualities. I have medical books from the 1600Âs which speak of the use of this tree.

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hi i have had one of these trees in my garden for about 9yrs but sincve the bad frost over winter all the leaves have come off , does this mean it is now going to just rot and die?, i noticed in another garden this has happened and he has covered the top with a black bin liner , will this make any difference? plkease help .Tina.

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