HAVE: Plumeria Princess Victoria

bihai(zone 9)May 29, 2007

While moving a pot of this I accidentally knocked off about a 15" cutting. Its scarred over and ready to root. Email me if interested. No trades to CA, LA, TX, HI, or AZ

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I have 1 plant of(hoya bilobata hoya carnosa)
I could trade a cutting from has some roots on it

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bihai(zone 9)

Thanks, but that's an extremely common Home Depot hoya you have, runs about $8.99 for a full basket. I could get a whole plant any time I wanted a new carnosa. Looking for something a bit more unusual.

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I sent you an email the day you posted this.....I have a gorgeous Coral Pink brugmansia well rooted I would trade you for.
Send me an emai and I can send you a picture. gperry101@yahoo.com

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tamixwp(SE Texas 9a)

I have several Named Plumerias but I live in Texas. Can't understand why you won't trade cuttings with someone in Texas.


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bihai(zone 9)

Hi Tami,
I'd be happy to trade cuttings with people in Texas as long as its legal.
The Texas Department of Agriculture rewrote all of its plant importation regulations in June 2005. The way the law reads now, it states:
"...all plant products shipped from other states MUST be accompanied with a valid certificate of inspection..."

This includes cuttings,and any plant part capable of growth and propogation.

The law used to indicate that only certain things required inspection, and if I recall, aquctic plants like water lilies and stuff like cuttings were exempt. Apparently now, nothing is exempt.

If you would like to call or email your Texas director and ask, and if they say no problem, certainly I'd consider a trade with you. I just don't want to get busted for a 3rd degree felony.

The man to talk to in Texas is:
Awinash Bhatkar
his phone number is 512-463-5025
his email is

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coffeemom(Broward z10)

Did you trade your Princess away? I have fresh telosma cordata seeds.
sjkdavis at bellsouth dot net

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Hello coffee mom
i am interested in telosoma cordata plant. I was wondering if you have some seeds to spare. I would love to grow this vine. If you find time, please reply. Thanks for your time. Malini


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