WANTED: Collector trade: Impatiens psittacina, Amorphophallus, G

ellieengland(92116)May 27, 2007

Hey everyone! I am looking for any of the below plants. I have access to some very nice collections - if you send me your wat list it is likely I can get some of them for you. Examples of plants I can trade: Worsleya procera/rayneri, Passiflora cirrhiflora, Passiflora parritae, Passiflora antioquiesis, Ae Ae banana (AeAe), Aristolochia arborea, Aristolochia braziliensis (aka A. gigantea 'Brasiliensis'), etc.

Plants that are available for sale are probably not what I am looking for in a trade but you can send me your list if you like. I have plants of lesser rarity that would be ok to trade as well (see my page).

List of what I'm looking for follows. Thanks for reading!


Plants I am searching for:

Griffinia hyacinthina

Impatiens psittacina


1 Amorphophallus andranogidroensis Hett. & Mangelsdorff (Madagascar)

2 Amorphophallus angolensis (Welw. ex Schott) N.E. Br. (Gabon, Angola, Zaire)

3 Amorphophallus annulifer Hett. (Java)

4 Amorphophallus antsingyensis Bogner, Hett. & Ittenb. (Madagascar)

5 Amorphophallus asper Engl. (Sumatra)

6 Amorphophallus barthlottii Ittenb. & Lobin (Ivory Coast, Liberia)

7 Amorphophallus baumannii (Engl.) N.E. Br. (Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Togo)

8 Amorphophallus bonaccordensis Sivadasan, Mohanan & Rajkumar (SW India)

9 Amorphophallus bufo Ridl. (West Malaysia)

10 Amorphophallus calabaricus N.E. Br. (Nigeria, Cameroon)

11 Amorphophallus canaliculatus Ittenb., Hett. & Lobin (Gabon)

12 Amorphophallus chlorospathus Kurz ex Hook. f. (Myanmar)

13 Amorphophallus cirrifer Stapf (C. Thailand)

14 Amorphophallus costatus Hett. (Indonesia [S. Kalimantan])

15 Amorphophallus coudercii (Bogn.) Bogn. (C. Vietnam, Cambodia)

16 Amorphophallus croatii Hett. & A. Galloway (Laos)

17 Amorphophallus declinatus Hett. (Philippines [Palawan])

18 Amorphophallus decus-silvae Backer & Alderw. (Indonesia [Java])

19 Amorphophallus echinatus Bogn. & Mayo (E. Thailand)

20 Amorphophallus eichleri (Engl.) Hook. f. (Zaire, ?Angola)

21 Amorphophallus elatus Ridl. (East Malaysia, Peninsular Thailand)

22 Amorphophallus elegans Ridl. (East Malaysia, S. Peninsular Thailand)

23 Amorphophallus elliottii Hook. f. (Sierra Leone)

24 Amorphophallus erubescens Hett., synonym of A. muelleri Bl.

25 Amorphophallus erythrorrhachis Hett., O. Pronk & R. Kaufmann (Madagascar)

26 Amorphophallus forbesii Engl. (Indonesia [Sumatra])

27 Amorphophallus galbra F.M. Bail. (N. Australia [Queensland], Papua New Guinea)

28 Amorphophallus gallaensis (Engl.) N.E. Br. (Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya)

29 Amorphophallus gliruroides Engl. (Myanmar)

30 Amorphophallus goetzei (Engl.) N.E. Br. (Tanzania, Mosambique)

31 Amorphophallus gomboczianus Pic. Serm. (Ethiopia)

32 Amorphophallus gracilior Hutch. (Nigeria)

33 Amorphophallus gracilis Engl. (Indonesia [Sumatra])

34 Amorphophallus hayi Hett. (N. Vietnam, China [Yunnan])

35 Amorphophallus hetterscheidii Ittenb. & Lobin (Gabon, Zaire, Central African Rep.)

36 Amorphophallus hirtus N.E. Br. (Taiwan)

37 Amorphophallus hohenackeri (Schott) Engl. & Gehrm. (SW. India)

38 Amorphophallus hottae Bogn. & Hett. (East Malaysia [Sabah])

39 Amorphophallus incurvatus Alderw. , synonym of A. beccarii Engl.

40 Amorphophallus linguiformis Hett. (Indonesia [NE. Kalimantan])

41 Amorphophallus longispathaceus Engl. & Gehrm. (Philippines)

42 Amorphophallus longistylus Kurz ex Hook. f. (India [Andaman Islands])

43 Amorphophallus luzoniensis Merr. (Philippines)

44 Amorphophallus mangelsdorffii Bogn. (Madagascar)

45 Amorphophallus manta Hett. & Ittenb. (Indonesia [Sumatra])

46 Amorphophallus margretii Ittenb. (Zaire)

47 A. maximus (Engl.) N.E. Br. (Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Somalia)

48 A. mekongensis Engl. & Gehrm. (Vietnam)

49 A. merrillii Krause (Philippines)

50 A. mildbraedii Krause (Cameroon)

51 A. minor Ridl. (West Malaysia)

52 A. mullendersii Malaisse & Bamps (Zaire, Angola)

53 A. myosuroides Hett. & A. Galloway (Laos)

54 A. mysorensis Barnes & Fischer (SW India)

55 A. nicolsonianus Sivad. (SW. India)

56 A. obovoideus Alderw. (Sumatra), synonym of A. beccarii Engl.

57 A. pachystylis Hett., synonym of A. krausei Engl.

58 A. palawanensis Bogn. & Hett. (Philippines [Palawan])

59 A. pendulus Bogn. & Mayo (East Malaysia [Sarawak], Indonesia [NW Kalimantan])

60 A. perakensis Engl. (West Malaysia)

61 A. pilosus Hett. (C. Vietnam)

62 A. preussii (Engl.) N.E. Br. (Cameroon)

63 A. purpurascens Kurz ex Hook. f. (Myanmar)

64 A. pusillus Hett. & Serebr. (S. Vietnam)

65 A. richardsii Ittenb. (Zambia)

66 A. rostratus Hett. (Philippines)

67 A. sagittarius Steen. (Indonesia [Java])

68 A. sparsiflorus Hook. f. (West Malaysia)

69 A. spectabilis (Miq.) Engl. (nom. cons. prop.; Indonesia [Java])

70 A. staudtii (Engl.) N.E. Br. (Cameroon)

71 A. stipitatus Engl. (SE. China)

72 A. stuhlmannii (Engl.) Engl. & Gehrm. (Tanzania, Kenya)

73 A. subcymbiformis Alderw., synonym of A. beccarii Engl.

74 A. subpedatus Nguyen V.D. & Hett. (N. Vietnam)

75 A. sylvaticus (Roxb.) Kunth (S. India, Sri Lanka)

76 A. teuszii (Engl.) N.E. Br. (Zaire, Angola)

77 A. tinekeae Hett. & A. Vogel (East Malaysia [Sabah])

78 A. tonkinensis Engl. & Gehrm. (N. Vietnam)

79 A. venustus Hett., A. Hay & J. Mood (East Malaysia [Sabah])

80 A. zengianus C.I. Long & H. Li (China)

81 A. zenkeri (Engl.) N.E. Br. (Cameroon, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea)

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I see your posts are dated 2007 etc. Are you still interested in trading?

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