Help pollinating indoor tomatoes

clones2February 29, 2012

Any suggestions to help pollinate indoor tomatoes other than using a Q-tip in the mornings?

I have grown some gorgeous plants indoors this winter, but have had horrible luck pollinating the flowers. I've had plants with well over 30 buds and I can only get 2-3 tomatoes from them.

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ralleia(z5 Omaha, NE)

I've heard something about shaking the plant a little at noonish each day.

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

electric toothbrush on the branch - they are self pollinating

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rnewste(8b NorCal)

I just shake the plant stems just below the flowering trusses for about 15 seconds:

Seems to work pretty well:


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mytime(3/4 Alaska)

I too am a plant shaker, just grabbing the supports whenever I walk through the greenhouse and shaking each plant for the count of 3. I do this especially when the nighttime temps are wrong, or when we have basically 24 hours of daylight. There are other factors, such as humidity and nutrients, that can affect fruit set, too.

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Brush your hand across flower clusters and the shake method works for me

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Thanks for the suggestions...

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