tropical fruits

mchill320(9)May 17, 2011

what tropical fruits can i grow in california. i have heard many different things.

thanks, michelle

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Northern or Southern? Off the top of my head, Avocados, Citrus, Cherimoya,and Pomagranate.

Get the Ortho book, "Citrus and Tropical Fruits."

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JackLord, does the Ortho book tell how to grow papaya and pomegranate in pots?

Right now, we are growing in the ground cumquat and satsumas successfully, and a neighbor has a huge meyer lemon. I've wanted to grow pomegranates and have two in pots now, one of which is blooming. Is that a good sign of future fruits, or must it reach a certain age to bear fruit?

Our tropicalesque garden is in zone 8B, not 5B.Thanks for any comments.

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