WANTED: Tropicals

statenislandpalm7a(7a)May 3, 2012

Seeds I have to trade:

Mixed Hybrid sunflowers

purple castor bean (lots)

new zealand purple castor bean

canna seeds

windmill palm seeds ( from last year im not sure if they will still germinate)

Seeds I am looking for:

fatsia japonica

Lophophora diffusa

green cator bean

Cardinal Vine

purple hyacinth bean

Helianthus sunspots (variegated sunflower)

Maize quadricolour

Nicotiana tabacum variegatum



Amaranthus early splendor,Illumination, love lies bleeding and others

large french marigolds

(im open for other interesting seeds)

Plants I have to trade:

canna indica purpurea

canna indica

canna Wyoming

green elephant ear

black stem elephant ear

castor bean seedlings

opuntia humifus (easter prickley pear)

Opuntia engelmannii

pink ice plant

purple queen

callisia fragrans

cow tongue cactus

strawberry plants

pindo palm seedling

Plants I am looking for:

Araucaria araucana aka monkey puzzle tree

Helianthus sunspots (variegated sunflower)

alocasia macrorrhiza

canna australia

canna intigue

canna pretoria (aka bengal tiger aka tropicanna gold)

canna stuttgart

canna tropicanna (aka phasion)

colocasia black magic

colocasia black runner

colocasia esculenta 'black coral'

colocasia esculenta 'diamond head'

colocasia esculenta 'kona coffee

colocasia thai giant

cordyline torbay dazzler


hibiscus kopper king

monkey puzzle tree

musa ae ae

musa siam ruby

musa zebrina (blood banana)

spanish moss

staghorn summac (tiger eyes)

thunbergera alata

xanthosoma lime zinger

im open for other trades also

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