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msbarbara(8a MS)May 26, 2009

Have for trade-like larger trades-wants sub and tropicals-always like gingers, alocasia, colocasia, xanthosoma. Tempt me I like the unusual. thanks, Barbara

Colocasia esculenta ÂCoffee CupÂ

Colocasia esculenta ÂTea CupÂ

Alocasia Wentii, variegated (special trades)

Alocasia Hilo Beauty

xanthosoma sagittifolium leaves can get 6Â in length

Hedychium ÂDr. MoyÂ

Hedychium ÂKewenseÂ

Hedychium coronarium ÂWhite ButterflyÂ

curcuma zedoaria

Erythrina crista-galli Cockspur Coral Tree

Canna Lucifer

Canna Florence Vaughn

Canna Musifolia

Musella lasiocarpa Chinese Yellow Banana

Musa Cavendish dwarf

Have many more, these are the ones I know I have trades of now. check my trade list. Just starting back after Katrina. Lost one greenhouse. Have not listed brugs yet.

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keiki(10 FL)

Hi Barbara my list is right below this one. From memory heres what I have available now:

heliconias wagneriana, rostrata, jacquinii, green thumb
variegated crinium
hedychium kewense
hedychium angustifolia peach
purple stem costus
costus spicatus
alocasia borneo giant
bananas 1000 finger, super dwarf, ice cream, dwarf plantain, dwarf red
callista fragrans variegata
noid broms of all shapes and colors
yellow walking iris

Let me know if anything interests you.

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