Children and Swaps

RedBird_TNSeptember 15, 2011

Last spring my daughters and I went to a swap for the first time. A lot of the time they played happily in the water park area, but they also enjoyed going back and forth to stand at the table and loved it when someone asked for one of our plants. They didn't say a lot about the swap once they got back home and into activities, although they delighted in the plants that they recieved, esp. the "panda bear plant" and the "baby cactus". The swap came up in conversation later this summer when our "Tommy Toes" pear-shaped tomatoes started producing like crazy - we remembered that we had gotten them at "the swap". What really made my day though was when my youngest, who has been busy making elaborate plans for her upcoming birthday party, sighed at the breakfast table this past Saturday and said, "I wish there was a swap on my birthday!" This is all to say that I am grateful that they can be included in the swaps - as many of us know, an affection and love of plants often goes back to our childhood. Now, if I can just get them to help me with propogation...

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

I wished we had more kids at the swap, especially ones old enough to have at least some appreciation for what's happening. I'm a little surprised that we don't have more older children at the swap. I can remember how excited I was about getting a few small cactuses when I was young. Those were some of my prize possessions. I still have a cactus that is similar to my first one, and I think I like it mainly because of that first one.

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ladybug37091(z7 Tennessee)

I love to see kids at the mtps. They all seem to have a good time!

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That's a great story! Teach them the fun and appreciation when they're young and it will stick with them the rest of their lives. I hated being made to work in the garden as a kid when all of my friends were playing but as soon as I got older I went back to it like a hog to slop.

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My love of plants goes back to childhood also. Now my youngest loves plants too. He is 4 this year.

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My mommy left me 47 years ago. NO, she didn't; every time I go out to the garden, there she is, don't hoe that way, move your feet so you can pull some dirt around the plant. Now get the water bucket. Oh, I love it & our kids need that parent love. Now working with my great, great grandchildren.
I'm not so sure you need that water; just love, love, love.

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My daughter (11) loves the swaps - I took her for the first time this spring. She found out this week that Heather will be doing hypertufa workshop - so of course she is now counting down the days. She said she wants to be by Heather's table again...and wants to go check out what Miss Ruby and Mr Joe and Miss Judith are bringing because they had great plants last time....LOL. I guess my "friends of the dirt" are making quite the impression on her and their plant advice is rubbing off on her. :D It's a habit that I plan to reinforce as much as possible.

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That's one heck of a great testimony Tiffany! I know the quality and the character of our people but it's awesome to hear that even the kids realize what a fantastic group we have. That just reinforces in a brief version everything that I try and tell folks about our MTPS. When the kids are having a good time, interested in plants and endorsing the "old folks" it speaks volumes.

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