Help with canna layout!!

lee53011(5)May 6, 2006

I have started planting my new tropical bed and was wondering how many canna and how close they should be to look good. The bed is about 60' long by 12' or so wide. I have two musa basjoo bananas and will plant red castor beans, hardy hibiscus, black magic elephant ears, etc. Right now I have about 10 or 12 red canna and 3 or so yellow canna. Want to spread them out as much as possible and still look good. I am in zone 5 so will have to dig them up. Not sure what cultivar as I grew them from traded seed. Any help?


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It's generally recommended that canna tubers be planted 12-18 inches apart, though in cooler climates where they'll be dug up each year and are less susceptible to disease, a bit closer planting is probably going to be OK. Spacing also depends on the variety (dwarf hybrids can tolerate tighter spacing than the giants).

Here's a recent GW discussion on the subject (note the regional differences).

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O.K. I get the spacing. Thanks for that! But what about the look. Better to have 1 group of 10 plants together or two groups of 5 or some other variation? I can buy more if I have to. Not looking for the jungle look, want some room to see individual groupings.


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Massing makes for a more impressive show. I'd look at 10 tubers as a minimum number. Of course, if you're more interested in having a wide variety, you can group smaller numbers of several different kinds which have compatible growth/flowering. It's a matter of taste, but you might want to avoid having 5 cannas over here, then some other ornamental, then another small clump of cannas etc.

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Eric thanks for the info. I went out and bought another 10 last week. Also a bunch of the sun coleus, gunnera, japanese blood grass, and about another $100 worth of stuff. Only went for the canna's but you know what happens when you get in the nursery!!


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Ooh, Japanese blood grass, that sounds cool! I notice you're in zone 5 too. Is that hardy to our zone?

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It is hardy to -10, so I will need to mulch it somewhat. I grow alot of stuff that is outside zone 5 as perennials, some just need a little help through the really bad days. Even some stuff that says zone 5 is marginal without help.


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