HAVE: Tropicals...to trade for other tropicals...

cocomo(z10 / PR)June 27, 2007

Have the following plants to trade:

Yellow allamanda,yellow trumpet vine (Allamanda cathartica)

hibiscus schizopetalus

orange jasmine (murraya paniculata)

clerodendron philipinum

clerodendron quadrilocuare

alocasia macrorhiza

xanthosoma violaceum

alocasia cuculata

peacok ginger (kaempferia pulchra)

yellow cestrum (Cestrum auranticum)

philipine violet (Barleria cristata)

pitahaya, dragon fruit

dragon tree (dracaena marginata)

acerola seedlings (Malpighia Glabra)

banana musa zebrina (ornamental)

banana musa velutina (ornamental)

bana dwarf cavendish (edible bananas)

yellow passion fruit passiflora edulis flavicarpa (seedling)

corky mini passiflora (passiflora suberosa )

others, please ask

Looking for plants on my want list or other tropicals I dont have, especially tropical fruits.

Thanks for reading.

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I would like to trade for the musa zebrina and alocasia macroriza. I would also be thrilled to get some of your Heliconia psitacorum 'choconiana' if it's available. I have available now...............
canna musafolia
canna red russian
canna Florence Vaghn
canna tropicanna
Curcuma ÂRed Giant (Scarlet Fever)
sago palm pups (not yet rooted)
Dragon Fruit Hylocereus undatus
Other plants on my trade list. Just ask.

I have positive feedback on the "Rate and Review" forum. I always send generous amounts on time and throw in a surprise or two.For the musa or heliconia (or both :)) I would gladly send a flat rate box stuffed full of which ever plants you may be interested in from the list above.


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Forgot to mention I also have two unknown varieties of banana. I could e-mail pics if you like.

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