Planted Musa Basjoo. Curious about health

tikigardenerMay 21, 2009


I just bought 2 musa basjoos about 2 weeks ago. Planted in the ground with the soil it came in, ground soil and potting soil. I see a new leaf coming out on both but the leaves that were there when purchased are so droopy. I just want to make sure it doesn't die!! Is this normal? Maybe it's just adjusting from greenhouse conditions to outside conditions? From what I've read on here they are pretty hardy but I really want to be sure they thrive! Any suggestions? I've been watering every other day or so in addition to the water it gets from the sprinklers. Theres some mulch around it lightly and miracle grow once a week or so.

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

It just may be that the leaves it previously had were developed indoors/in the greenhouse. Sometimes this may mean they are a bit floppy and subject to breakage and drooping. There was likely no wind inside the greenhouse and if the light wasn't that bright, sometimes the leaves are thinner and more subject to breaking/flopping. The new leaves coming, in the bright sun of outdoors, will probably be stronger and look nicer.

On the subject of watering, you mention you water every other day. I know they say bananas love moisture but be careful not to over do the watering, let it dry out somewhat inbetween waterings, especially if the weather is still cool (wet soil and cold temperatures could rot the plant.)


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I'm betting it will recover nicely. They are extremely hardy plants during the summer months.

See my "I've killed ever musa basjoo" thread for overwintering help, though. :-/

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