WANTED: Pink mandevilla or yellow alamanda

singnfool(7a Oklahoma)June 3, 2007

I have three varieties of spider plants (for hanging baskets), strawberry plants, general allusion (looks like small green caladiums), and cuttings of angle wing begonia and marble queen pothos. Also will have some baby agave cactus as soon as I can get them out untangled from the mother plant!

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are you looking for cuttings of the mandevilla, i have some, do you have any pics of your begonia, norma

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singnfool(7a Oklahoma)

No, I don't have pictures - sorry! My cell phone does have a camera, but we don't have the cord to link it to the computer - I'll check and see how much it costs to send a picture to your cell phone. The begonias I have are very tall - 2 feet or so - and have pretty light pink blooms once or twice a year. Nothing special, though. I know some of them have names and everything. . . Lanna

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lana you can take a pic with your cell, send it to your e mail and distribute it from there thats how i do it, so i dont need a digital camara.but dont know how much thats costs...

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