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rader_ranch(7)October 30, 2007

Hello we planted this lilac this year, and it's leaves got powdery mildew and brown spots pretty quick. Got to the point where we decided to trim it and take all the leaves off. It grew a bunch of beautiful new leaves that stayed that way for a good month or more....then back came the powdery mildew and brown spots. tried a fungicide already, but don't remember the specifics of it, not home to check now.

We love lilacs and would of course like to keep this one alive, but if it continually has al its leaves get sick like this it's not gonna last long. Any thoughts/help much appreciated.


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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Except for the aesthetics, the powdery mildew is usually not a problem. The brown spots are probably bacterial blight. If it were me, I'd make sure to clean the area of fallen leaves this fall and see what happened next year. If the problem persisted, I'd probably get rid of the plant. I don't like plants I have to baby too much. You might want to replace it with a lilac more suited to this area (We're not in the best area for lilacs especially now that it's warmer) and resistant to the problems.

If you do want to try to treat it, do so BEFORE the outbreak. There's plenty of advise on what to use to treat the plant if you google "lilac bacterial blight".

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