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HL_Nursery777(9a)July 18, 2013

Thanks for looking. A single plant from this list, one gallon or smaller would be great for a trade. I have a ton of different plants that you may be intrested in in return for your plant. Most of these are rare plants and i don't expect most folks to have them but if you do, thats great! I hope you will like the plants i can offer in return.
Anyways, here are the plants i am REALLY wanting!
Empress Tree
Cancer Tree, Happy Tree
Sandbox Tree, Possum Tree
Ombu Tree
Sasuage Tree
Psoralea pinnata (Kool aid bush)
Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree
Pink Pampas Grass
Japanese Forest Grass
Any type of Bamboo
And this is the plants i have to trade with right now:
Potted plants:
Persian shields in 1.25 pint sized pots
rainbow coleus in 1.25 pint sized pots
Dogwood tree in 1 quart sized pot
Golden Pothos in 1.25 pint sized pot
Native Azalia Bush in 1.25 pint sized pot
these are the plants have at the CURRENT moment.

Thanks and reply if your intrested!

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