Your growing experience on Super sweet 100 ?(VF Hybrid)

primavera_growerFebruary 8, 2009

I'm trying a Supersweet 100 tomato plant this year, and I'd just like to know what it's like to grow, harvest, spacing, any information about it from your experience.

I got it because I read from several different threads that cherry/grape tomato plants set well, even in heat, and after last year's failure, in which I got several Beefsteak plants, which I found too late does horrible in hot weather, so they all suffered from blossom drop and never set fruit.

Of course, it was my fault because:

1. I planted too late. In April. Houston weather gets real hot,real fast in spring.

2 I got Beefsteaks, which mature late and are very susceptible to blossom drop. I found that out AFTER I bought the plants. Oops.

Any way, I learned my lesson and researched varieties that will do better in Houston weather (a.k.a hot & humid)

And so I'd like to know your rating on Supersweet 100 based on your personal experience.

Also, is there anything GOOD to be said about Early Girl? I found a whole bunch of negative comments on it.

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I had a three of these plants last year. They put out heavily. The fruit set good all thru the summer except for a slowdown at the Highest Heat here in Hot-lanta. I had to kill them just before frost and they were still setting fruit like mad.


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Excellent. As long as I get some fruits I won't complain.
Also, how about growing experience on Celebrity? I'm trying that too.

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My old reliable. Always produces. Only trouble is its time consuming to pick enough for a big salad because they are so small.

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shebear(z8 NCentralTex)

Early Girl works for us because we have a short growing season before the heat sets in. Celebrity should work too but it's very necessary to plant tomatoes at the correct time down here.

Anything that takes over about 75 days and isn't bred for the heat will produce little.

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Planted 7 of these LATE in the season, they shot up like rockets, had a BUNCH of them, Only problem I might haveleft them on the vine a little long - they cracked. Had a bunch of cracked ones.

Still gonna plant them this year though. They tasted GREAT - if you caught them before the crack.

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

I have grown SS100's for several years and sold them at market. They produce like crazy! The problem I found is that they are very small. It takes forever to pick them. I tried Sweet Millions an improved variety from SS 100's. My offical taste tester, my wife, and my customers prefered teh Millions over the 100's. As the harvester, I preferred them too! They were larger and came in clusters.

Both are good, I just like the millions better, now.


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I also grew Celebrity last year. It is usually listed as a determinate and most expect it to have only one crop. But I found that mine simply recouped and then started another crop. At season's end, I had to kill the plant in the middle of crop #4.


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Jst want to reinforce Jay's point. You should not be the least dissapointed with SS100s but there are a few varieties out there that just tweek the performance in your favor. I had around 20 plants of SS100 next to around 20 Favorita plants last year and although both did well the Favoritas were more consistant in fruit size and production.

Keep in mind that the SS100s will grow to 2-4 times over the height of the Det. Celebrity plants. I would not recommend side-by-side planting of the two varieties.

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Sweet million is much more productive for me than Sweet 100. The plants are healthier, produce more and have very few cracked fruit.

The Super Sweet 100 is a highly productive variety. 3 of these plants can keep a family of 4 neck deep in cherry tomatoes all summer. But the Sweet Million is even better.

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Thanks for all the quick answers! So, how much space does a SS100 plant need, then?
I was thinking of interplanting it with basil, since that worked so well last year with tomato plants, but if it needs a lot more space than your average indeterminate, I might not have enough room to plant the basil if the tomato leaves/branches get in the way.

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Also, how does Celebrity actually taste?

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These plants will need lots of vertical space. I typically plant 18-22" apart in rows but strongly suggest that you seperate tomato and basil plantings as noted here:

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I grew Bush Early Girl last year and like you, I planted them late. The plant did not care. It produced well through Austin's 100+ plus days for weeks on end. I was pulling tomatoes off that plant well into November. Don't let the Bush name fool you as it still required some staking.

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This is all great advice.
But... I couldn't help asking...
How long will the plant last? I know it's an indeterminate so will keep producing, maybe until frost, But should I pull it ou by fall or earlier? Or just let it grow? I'm in south Texas. in houston. that might play a part in how long the plant will last.

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Mine lasted a long time,all the way into November here in Western Ky. Thats late...They eventually took over the whole area where i had them and had to finally kill them to get rid of them. The long "chains" of tomatoes are pretty cool. Lots of cracked fruit though, but still but produced real well..

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Dan Staley

My experience is similar to above - cracking and small fruit a pain, but the taste and production wonderful. I no longer plant this variety but would recommend it if you don't mind spending a lot of time near the plant picking fruit (if your family loves it, not a problem).


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In Texas you might expect all kinds of miracles from these plants. All joking aside, my cherry tomato plants were actively producing and still flowering within my high tunnels the week of Thanksgiving when I stopped the heat and allowed them to freeze. These same plants were starting to produce fruit in mid May for me. You might expect the same with a little extra care.

In my tunnels for tomatoes I use a stringline support which you probably can't see in the earlier picture. But I needed to lower the lines at least twice for these cherry types, SS-100 included. They have the potential to grow 20 ft' tall, without exageration. So consider a support system that will allow good ventilation and ease of picking throughout the season in mind. It is also another reason to seperate your basil row.

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I grow my SS 100 hybrid using hydroponics. This year I planted early and WoW how they grew in this SF bay area weather. See photo at the link I added.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hydroponic Tomatos

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