planted 3 brugs and in between them I planted 2 banana trees

jean_mdc(z 4/5 NY)May 20, 2007

Hi to all...

I need your help....We are by Albany 4/5...I planted 3 brugs and in between them I planted 2 banana trees. They get sun....but they also get that late, hot afternoon sun...they are in a row along my walkway where we enter the house. What can I put around them to create a long beautiful bed that will complement the brugs and bananas, will take that hot sun but also look spectacular?


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arecales(7 a/b)

Maybe daturas, cannas, elephant ears, some caladiums, Hibiscus moscheutos, lantanas, four o' clocks, portulacas, coleus, petunias, or even monardas would work. There are lots of options, depending on water, color schemes, flower/foliage contrast preferences, fragrance preferences, overwintering preferences, etc.

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arecales(7 a/b)

Oh, and of course things like lilies, yuccas, etc. might also be complementary and sun-tolerant.

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jean_mdc(z 4/5 NY)


Thank you so much for your suggestions. I do use daturas, cannas, elephant ears, caladiums, and coleus in my gardens and still have quite a few on hand that I haven't dragged out of the basement yet.

I did think of coleus but I was afraid they would not be able to take that much sun.

Thanks again......Jean

PS If you think of anything else, please let me know!

I wanted it to look real tropical

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Brugs generally do not like hot afternoon sun, they do best in morning sun with afternoon shade, so if it's not too late, try and reposition them, although I'm not sure how hot it gets where they are planted.

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