Anyone protect a Crepe Myrtle TREE in zone 6?

poaky1June 2, 2014

I could post in the tree forum, but will try here first. Could you "dry pack" one in straw and prevent water coming in all winter in zone 6? I know not all winters will be brutal, but could it survive that treatment, guesses are welcome.

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You can build a wire cage and stuff it full of anything- straw, leaves, etc. Just remember that it will pack down and you'll need to add more mid winter.
All that limits you is the size of your tree.

I think this past winter scared us all- I have multiple old Crape Myrtles in my neighborhood, so clearly they usually survive.
Don't freak out and feel like you have to cage everything just because one winter went wonky.

I think that if we learned anything it would be to site them a bit more carefully and make sure they are somewhat protected from winter winds.

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Cearbhaill, I really would love for you to tell me, how was the wi nter of 2013-2014 so much worse than other winters in the past 8-10 winters ago?

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My seven-son-flower shrub has surprised me and cracked. There are leaves in the upper area, but the trunk is cracked, ready to fall on the ground. I just may replace it with a Crepe.

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