Needle palm protection in zone 6

poaky1June 18, 2014

I will post a pic of the palm in a day or 2. I am hoping for help on how big to make the styrofoam winter home for it that will last at least 3 winters. It will get wider than tall likely.

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My needle palms all saw 9F last Winter with no damage, I don't protect them at all here.
They are pretty amazing.

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Crispy, Let's switch hardiness zones, even just for winter, sound like a plan? I'm joking, but that would be great. My last winter was really horrible. I forgot to take the palm picture. Last winter here, I had 8 separate prolonged -10 F day/nights. I had 3 "late drop" live oak trees that did great the previous winter, in zone 6 Pa, my yard. Last winter killed the main plant, and they came up from the lower trunk. Even in a normal winter, I will protect my needle palm. Crispy, did you have a colder than normal winter last winter? That's 2013-2014. Mine wasn't too horrible til late Feb, into March maybe early April. March was what I believe did things in.

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You obviously "win" the Winter horror story contest.
The temperature got down to 9F one night and a handful of low teens in Jan/Feb.
The previous 5 years or so the low was around 11F, but even then, not as prolonged as last Winter.

There was a late freeze that killed all the blossoms on my peach trees.

I love those needle palms though, I bought another last weekend and planted it. That makes 5 I have.

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Okay, Crispy and anyone else, I FINALLY remembered to take a pic of the Needle palm. It's in a raised bed by the main entrance door to our house. There are also some other plants. Most plants are forward because rain rarely gets the back.

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Somehow my Calla Lillies survived last (brutal) winter in the ground. You can see the Callas foliage, it is closest to the camera.

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Is that a South facing wall? All that brick ought to help store some sun warmth for the nights and keep those plants a bit safe than ones out in the open.

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It is a north facing wall/bed. So surprisingly, The calla has put out 1 flower this summer. The other plants in the bed are Hostas and ferns, all are hardy in zone 6.

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I have had them in my garden for years here in Stamford CT zone 6 different exposures .. I wrap them in burlap and then a black plastic trash bag , and then burlap again to prevent overheating..

gets most of the leaves thru the winter just fine and then they put out several leaves each summer .. the strongest plants being those in the hottest open exposures

I have 16 of them around the garden .. deer proof

also have a Trachycarpus that has been out several years right against the house ,,, about 4 feet tall , it lost it's leaves in this brutal winter , but put out three larger ones

it was covered with burlap then a trash can over it and them more burlap to disguise it

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In zone 7,NE Oklahoma, I had one for years (I since sold the house...and it got razed:(), it had minor winter damage one winter, and never went through -27F with snow cover once.
No protection....they're tough buggers...but so slow to grow.

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Another photo .. Stamford Connecticut ..

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