wanted: wanted citrus medica sarcodactylus or buddha's hand

fluffybonbon(9)August 12, 2009

I am looking for Buddha's Hand or Fingered Citron to trade.

Please email me if you have any seedlings , rooted cutting or seeds.

I have other seeds and plants to swap.

Please look into my page, hope we can trade.

Thanks ,

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I just so happen to have two young rooted plants. These were propagated by air layering, as this is the only way I have been able to propagate this plant. One plant is pretty heavy, I would say it would be for pick-up only. The other could be mailed. I live in AZ. Waht state do you live in? Some states do not allow citrus to be shipped in. BTW, I have never seen any seeds in the citrons that are formed by thit plant.

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Hi autumnmoonhaiku,
I would like to trade your small citron, please look in my list or email me .
hope we can trade.

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