New palms- Need help acclimating to more sun

poaky1June 4, 2013

Hi, I have been buying palms like crazy. Well, A few anyway. They are getting lots of water. I have a windmill palm that has some tanning of it's fronds and another palm that was said to be a windmill palm but is different from the other "Windmill palm". I bought the questionable second palm locally. The fronds are thinner and tougher than the real windmill palm. How can I, and SHOULD I expose them to full sun. The real Windmill palm has gotten the tanning on it's leaves after only direct morning sun. My houseplants are in the same location with no damage. How should I acclimate them? The locally bought palm has gotten brown on the fronds, I tried shade, partial shade and more sun and the palm isn't looking happy. Any ideas, they are both still potted.

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I contacted the nursery I got the plant from, I should have done that anyway, I suppose.

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