Orange tomatoes

SidneyDFebruary 9, 2014

Can anyone tell me the sweetest Orange tomatoe to purchase? I planted some 3 years ago and they were the best I've ever had. (I cannot find my gardening notes to retrieve the name.) I'm in the Houston Texas area if needed to determine gardening suggestions. I need some help. Thanks so much yall!

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sue_ct(z6 CT)

My bet is that it was one of 3: Kellogg's Breakfast, KBX, or Orange Minx. Kelloggs Breakfast is probably most likely just because its been around longer than KBX and seems to be grown more often than Orange Minx from what I have seen from the lists of tomatoes people grown on this forum. But there are others.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Orange Minsk from Minsk in Belarus:

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The best is Aunt Gertie's Gold. Kellogg's Breakfast & KBX are also good.
John A

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bart1(6/7 Northern VA)

I'd put Aunt Gertie's Gold in the yellow category and not orange, but yeah, it's a good one.

As for Kellogg's vs KBX, I grew them side by side for a couple years and now I only grow KBX. It produced bigger and more fruit.

Another orange that I like is Moonglow. It's a little darker than KBX.

Sorry I can't give you any advice on how the sweetness compares........don't remember!

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

bart, there are very few varieteis that ripen up clear yellow, so I and most others see AGG as Gold, which is why it was named Gold.( smile)

And color perceptions are also individual so while some see variety A as orange of some shade, others see it as gold, and many with yellow as part of the variety name also turn out to be orange or gold at maturity.

I used to grow Amana Orange as my best orange, but when Kellogg's Breakfast came along I switched to that one, and then when KBX, the PL version of KB came along, as discovered in the garden of a friend of mine, I switched to that one.

Other orange ones that I like might include:

Orange Minsk, and heart version, I love it
Earl of Edgecombe, a great one
Jaune Flamme

... to name just a few.

Sydney, as was just mentioned in the post above mine, no one can tell you what the sweetest orange variety is since taste is both personal and perceptual and there are many other variables involed including when and where a variety is grown and of course the weather in any one season.

So best to try a few new ones each year, and save seeds from what you think are the sweetest, regrow the next year if you want to and continue groing new ones each year,

'That being said, look for a new variety called Sweet Ozark Orange coming to some of you fave seed sources in the next couple of years. LOL


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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Has anybody grown this tomato called: OLD GERMAN ?
I have seen some pictures of it and I like its color.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Yes, I've grown Old German and many other red/gold bicolor varieties.

Some that I especially like might include:

Virginia Sweets
Big Rainbow
Marizol Gold
Lucky Cross
Mary Robinson's German Bicolor

..,. to name just a few that I've grown.

BUT, they are very finicky about weather, and one season variety A might be lucious and sweet and the next year mealy and bland,

Also, the flesh of most is soft, so they tend to have poor keeping qualities, but when they are good, they can be very very good. ( smile)


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I've grown Moonglow for the past 4 years and not only are they good to eat, but easy to grow. They always out perform all the other heirlooms I grow. FWIW

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