Making happy Ostrich ferns

poaky1June 7, 2013

My Ostrich ferns have never come up the year after planting. I'm zone 6. I have Korean rock fern,Sensitive fern,Autumn fern. I may be able to buy another, but what do they like, so I can stop one from going away?

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Perhaps you are killing them with kindness? I can't get rid of them in dry shade here. I would suggest next time that you plant, water well, then walk away.

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I haven't really (until now) catered to ferns. I REALLY Love ferns and shade though. But anyway, Whatever shade trees, need to be included in the final conspiracy that leads to the final arrest of our native ferns!

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Free tidal breeze.

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Sorry I had obviously had too much to drink on July 17, 2013 at 4;21 AM. Sorry. I have planted Tennessee Ostrich fern in 2 more locations. One in a low area, where the abundant rain recently is settling, and in an upper area under an oak tree and next to a boulder where, hopefully the roots can stay moist longer than where there is no boulder shading the ground. Again sorry for the last 2 posts before this one, them cocktails snuck up on me. I'm a bit goofy sober anyway.

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