Does anyone have experience with this plant?

gardener_maid(5a MI)June 3, 2004

Petasites japonicus var giganteus aka 'Dinosaur food' I am thinking of buying this but need to know a little bit more about it than they are telling us at 'Parks'. Thanks

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It is huge and can be invasive, but easy to pull up in loose soil. Needs lots of water. Does well in a bog. Goes dormant in the winter and has an insignificant flower in the spring. What else do you need to know.?

Here is a link that might be useful: Petasites japonicus

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this is a great plant in a shaded area. in ky. i have to shade it from hot summer sun, but where you are, part sun/shade will be fine. my 3 inch pot has developed into a 10 foot patch in 4 years. spreads by root, and will keep spreading. if you just dig the sprouts around the edge of the patch you can easily control the size of the patch. i have clay soil here and have to water it in the heat of summer. your soil, i believe is sandy, so you may have to water, or plant in a bog. dig a hole 18 inches deep, use a heavy (6 mil) layer of plastic to line the hole to retain moisture. here it gets 5 foot tall with leaves 2-3 foot across. i'm sending you an email with a link to my online photos on shutterfly. i have plenty, so if you decide to try it , let me know, maybe we can trade something. susgarden

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