UPDATE: Cracked Pot Gardner's **April** continued

galiumApril 25, 2008

Thought I'd start a new thread since we've reached our limit.

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ibartoo(z8 sc)

Mariann, Thanks so much for posting that article and starting this new thread too. LOL When I got to the bottom and couldn't post a follow up, I was..... Oh, well you know.

Michelle, It was FABULOUS!, I am very happy for you.
I love your lights too. I have 1 4'light bench and it isn't near enough. You have a great set up and I love seeing all those seedlings....

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Girls - last night when I was ready to bring all my plants back down to the basement, my husband decided to be great! Instead of doing that, he had me leave them on the porch, and went and got a big sheet of plastic, and stapled up plastic all around the porch. Then, he put 3 heat lamps out there, that we usually use when we have baby chicks (which we don't yet this year.) My plants stayed in the mid 40s last night! The wind was blowing pretty badly, so some of the plastic blew loose, so today he went and got some pine boards, and did the job even better! Last night, seriously, he was doing this in the dark after working all day, with the wind blowing like a son of a gun, with them temperature in the high 30s. That was so sweet!!! Now, I have a temporary greenhouse! We'll take it down in a week or so, when it warms back up again, but... He had been planning on enclosing our deck and turning it into an office, so we can have our dining room back. Last night, he told me that he actually has a contractor coming next week to give him a price on enclosing it with lots of windows and skylights - so I can have my greenhouse! Isn't that incredibly sweet??? We are planning to have a wood stove by next winter, which will be in the next room, so he said all we will have to do to heat the greenhouse is open the window from the house. I love it!! What a sweet genious he is!!! Yes, he realizes he is going to need to build me plenty of shelving out there - I pretty much have the floor full already!! I love it!!! It looks pretty funny right now, but I'll take a picture pretty soon and post it!


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OH becki that sound soo wonderfull, what a thoughtfull guy you have there. I put my vegies in a little greenhouse and it did stay over 40 but just so I will be putting the heat light in it tonight to be sure it stays wrm enough.
I wnt a wood stove so bad but we just don't have good place for one.

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Thank you, Michelle! Here are the pics:


The only thing in my basement now, is seeds that have been planted but not germinated, and the very tiny seedlings.

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Becki, Dave is fantastic! I read this to my dh and he said "HER husband LIIIIKES her!" :o) That was so sweet of him. He really did a great job getting that all wrapped in nice and tight. Give that man a big hug and tell him we said Good Work! You've got yourself a keeper there! He has me grinning ear to ear.

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mellen(4a/5-ctrl. IA)

Becki, I am sooo very happy for you. You so deserve all that you are getting! Hasn't this weather been crazy? First it stays cold forever, then we get flooded out, now we are back to cold! Where is spring???

Michelle, VERY nice article about you. You can be proud. I am impressed. :)

Linda, I DID receive your box, and WOW, what a lot of goodies! You certainly overdid. I have been wanting a brug start for SOOOOOO long. I am absolutely thrilled with the one that you sent. I just kept saying- oh, my over and over again. And the brug seeds, too. Oh, happy day! Thanks also for the other bulbs and the wood chimes, pots, plant discs, and the decorations to stick in the dirt. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredible gifts.

I ended up being sick on Thursday so I was in no shape to get your box together and out in the mail on Friday. I will get it out on Monday, though. Our son and his fiance' came today whom we haven't seen since Christmas so I have taken the day off of work on Monday. I have all of your gifts already, it's just a matter of getting them boxed up and to the PO. I hope you are not upset with me.

Galium and Michelle, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your group these past few months. After this month, I will be bowing out of the group.

Mary Ellen

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Becki-Dave obviously knows how much work and TLC you've put into your plants. I give him kudos for helping out the way he did. BY THE WAY: whose tootsies are in your pictures..LOL My DH would never think to do something like that. He is thoughtful in other ways though. Thumbs up to Dave!!

Mary Ellen-Sorry to see you leave us. That's a great box Linda sent you!!

I'll be posting the new thread on Tuesday or Wednesday.

We are suppose to get some rain today. Never thought I'd say this but since it hasn't rained in 10 days we could use it.

Hope everyone has a great day.

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Thank you so much girls!! Mariann, those are Elizabeth's feet. : ) She ran out there too, when I went out, and I said, that's fine, but you need to stay out of the way so I can take some pictures - she did the best she could! : )

He had actually been telling me not to put the plants back in the basement - he said they would be fine. I think the fact that I finally said, "Okay, I will trust you on that, but if a lot of them die, I am going to be very disappointed." - I think that made a difference. It is working so beautifully! They made it through their second frigid night without getting too cold! I can go out there in my bare feet, and not be terribly uncomfortable, so I have to think they aren't too uncomfortable either! In fact, I think some of them are flourishing out there! I am really thankful for this!!

Mariann, I wish I could send you some of our rain!!! Our basement is still drying out. We are hoping to plant our seed potatoes today, so hopefully we won't get so much rain this week that they rot out!

I'm sorry to hear you will be leaving too, Mary Ellen!


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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

Loved reading the article and seeing the pictures. Our weather has been perfect this weekend (well, a bit of rain on Saturday but that was perfect, too...) I planted most of my sunflower and basil seeds yesterday. They are in pots for now. Have had some health issues so I can't do a lot of digging in the ground right now. What I did outside was limited to moving a few seedlings from their winter sowing containers to the ground... still have more to go, but I figure if I keep at it, I will be finished by fall! LOL
If you looked at the Springtime Pictures section, you saw some of my garden. I have no idea why the irises did so well this year, but sure wish I knew. Our roses will be all in bloom very soon so that will be my next big picture taking opportunity. One is already blooming its head off - Fourth of July. So pretty! I can't complain about the time I spend gardening because the plants sure reward us with a lot of beauty.
Mary Ellen, sorry to see you leave.
Let me ask something. Before I got into the more serious side of gardening, I just planted things and did not label what they were. I am curious about how the group (or individuals) feels about receiving unknown varieties of plants. I have lots of daylilies and even a few irises that will need to be divided, but I am always relunctant to send something like that because I suspect all of you are serious gardeners and only want plants that are identified. Can a few of you respond and share your feelings about that or should we just ask each person we have been partnered with when the assignments are made? I know I will be throwing away some daylilies when I thin out the beds because they are not labeled. I do not think they are appropriate to send to the people who participate in the Round Robin exchanges. I have purchased some nice ones over the years, but they could be anything from what people call a "ditch lily" to a really nice one that I purchased and just did not label. I even have those questions about seeds. For example I might plant 4 types of red salvia. When I go out to collect the seeds, I don't know which plant I am collecting from - it's just "one of the red salvias." Yes, I am trying to get better at labeling, but even when you do it, the labels tend to fade over time. I used to be able to tell you what every one of my roses is, but they have gotten moved around and tags have faded... and you know what I mean.
Okay, away from the computer and out to enjoy some of this beautiful day!

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Good Morning.

Jeanne, I am sorry you aren't feeling so good. I hope it gets better soon. I know what it is like to have the old body slow me down. It is a frustrating things sometimes. I personally don't mind receiving a plant that isn't named. If I know the color of the bloom and the type of plant it is then I am happy enough because I will be able to put it in a spot that will be suitable to it and the others around it.

I have quite a few plants that are unnamed, moved, tags are gone, didn't remember to write it down, etc. I did a great job marking my plants last year in the shade garden only to have them all blown out by the neighbor's industrial leaf blower. There are many that I do remember who and what they are but some are so new to me that I am up a creek without a paddle as to their "named" variety.

I have been enjoying the pictures of your blooms and would be overjoyed to receive any of them. Your NoId iris are spectacular.

Mariann, I am glad to hear that you are getting some rain! Last spring was too dry here and I was watering constantly from April on through Summer. Spring showers are always welcome.

Becki, those little toes made me smile. I love the little piggies!:o)

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hello everyone
sandlapper-rose - were you going to take a few months off till you are feeling better? or do you want me to set you up with a partner this month?

and I don't mind NO ID plants esp daylilies and iris, but rilly I like most flowers names not nessary.

sorry to be loosing you mary ellen I missed my chance to swap with you.

I saw some orials at my inlaws house today, they were soo pritty. but I have yet to see my first hummer.

the daffodills are done blooming and the tulips are at full bloom, most of the perennials are showing at least some growth and it looks like for the second year I have lost my butterfly bushes. I had the same bushes for 7 years and last spring they did not come back. so I planted new ones last spring and they did not come back this year. I rilly don't know what the prob is.

well I'll try to post some picks later

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ibartoo(z8 sc)

I am so happy you liked your box! I had lots of fun trying to figure out something you might like. I am sorry you will be leaving our group though, maybe we can trade thru one of the exchanges. Please do not worry about upsetting me. I am not upset with you at all. Enjoy your family and send it when you can.

Beckilove, your hubby is a sweetie! I have many coldframes built just like that one. LOL They work just as well as ( ok maybe not quite) the glass houses.....

Jeanne, to answer your question, I never bothered to keep track of a plant name until I started trading. I certainly don't mind no id plants. Most of what I have is no Id and I could offer so much more than just what I have named.
If it blooms, I love it.........I don't care what it is called. LOL In my yard, if I don't know the name of a cultivar, it gets labeled "it's a mystery". :) once, my hubby came in to tell me he really liked that flower I had out front called it's a mystery. LOL. I had no clue which one he meant.......

I went plant shopping with my mom today. She had to have a huge oak tree removed ( i cried) and she needed something to put in it's place..... Well, I just saw a hibiscus called Carolina Breeze, it is a dwarf and it's orange. Does anyone know anything about them? I may be forced to go back tomorrow and get one.......

Gotta run. Linda

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Hello everyone!! I am so sorry that I have been so absent lately. I have been lurking though. I have had a busy month! I am a Master Gardener, and this is our busiest time of the year. We had our Spring plant sale yesterrday and there was a lot to prepare for. It seems like everytime I try to get on the computer one of the kids are on it. I have two girls in Grammer school and two girls in Colege, so I never have the house to myself. I will miss them when they grow up and move though.
So enough about me I received a Faboulous box from Beck yesterday! I must tell you this girl is smart! My box was so cleverly packed! Every plant she sent made it safe and sound! I received geraniums, coleus, a datura, and Cathedral bells! I also received some glad bulbs and dalia bulbs and lots of seeds from my wants! Thank you so much!!! I love your setup and feel honered to have some of those plants!! You are such a sweetie!!! Big hugs!! Thanks again so much!!
Well, my box will be ready to go out in the morning, sorry to be so late with it.
Way to go Michelle! Love the article! You are a special gardener!
Be back soon - Sharon

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Jeanne-Most of my plants are named. I do have a few that aren't and they are my treasures. They all have the names of the people who sent them to me. That way I can take pictures and post them and say that I received this from so and so. I have a couple of unnamed daylilies and irises. It just makes me feel good to know that a plant came from someone's garden.

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thelwig55(Zone 5)

Hello Everyone this month has been beyond crazy for us, we have had several big road trips, have drove over 60 hours this month and lived in hotels most of the month it seems. I am very behind, I was hoping to get Traceys package out Sat, it did not happen, My plate is clearing out some and will get the package out tomorrow, should been in to you Tracey Tues, since your are in the State. Were are you in Ne Ohio, I am in Zoar, 10 miles south of Canton, Ohio

Karen I got your wonderful package and note, Friday every thing was great, Karen you really went out of your was to get so many of my wants. I will post a list of the wonderful plants and seeds Karen sent me, soon. I was so excited. Karen you are in my prayers for a quick recovery from your surgery and that all your children are through with the illnesses, I had 4 kids and sure enough if one got sick they all did, not to bad now they are older, they keep their germs to themselves.

I want to Thank everyone for the wonderful B-Day wishes, Everyone was so thoughtful. Hopefully I catch up this month and get on the computer a little more, to keep up with everything.

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Hi All,

Becki I love your porch!!! Dave did sooo good, love those lil toesies too! You have a helper Becki!!! Looks great sweetie!!!

Louise, DC # 0103 8555 7493 50298284 says the box was delivered to you on Friday. I just wanted to make sure you received it safe and sound.

Jeanne, I have alot of unnamed plant and I have lost alot of tags and marker and then also done the Pixie thing of not marking then when I sow them lol. I have a entire Tracy tray, Marianne lol. (didn't mark any of those thinking I would remember).

I hope everyone has a great evening.


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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Thelwig, how exciting that you and I are both in Ohio! I am north of you just at the border of Cuyahoga and Lorain Counties in Olmsted Township. I have passed through your town many times! I can't believe how close we are.

You have had a very busy month! I think I would be a little stir crazy after being in the car that long. No worries on getting the box out right away. We're in for frost early this week anyhow, yick! We didn't have as many when we lived closer to the lake, it is funny how weather can be so different with just a few added miles.

Have a good night!

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Thanks everyone! I think my hubby did a great job too!

Tracy - we are under a freeze warning for tonight. Ick!! Guess I have to cover LOTS of little emerging plants! Here is what I have comeing up so far - can anyone tell me if any of these will be FINE with a freeze - like mid 20s?

Daylilies (just foliage, no buds)
Tulips (with buds)
Daffodils (with buds)
Lilac bushes (with buds)
Bleeding Heart (foliage only)
Obedient Plant (foliage only)
Peonies (foliage only)
Columbine (foliage only)
Echinacea (I think, as labels have disappeared - foliage only)
Iris (foliage only)
Sweet Peas (foliage only)
Roses, with new growth - Yeah, I'm quite certain I need to cover those!!

I think that about covers it. I hope it zaps all the icky weeds that have been cropping up!! I doubt it, but that would be nice!

Thank you for any help you can give!!


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Becki-You may just have to take the wait and see approach for some of your plants. Plants lower to the ground don't seem to be affected as much by a freeze. My daffs and tulips have been hit by frost and for the most part weren't affected. Some of my Iris leaves stay green all winter. If you have any doubts cover the plants with a tarp, leaves or straw.

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wynative(z5 WY)

Jeanne - you know me :) I never can keep track of 'names' be it people or plants LOL IMO if it is an Iris or a Daylily - who cares what its name is? They are all pretty!

Although... It did finally find all the little peices of paper that I wrote down and plotted out of my Iris beds and Daylilys from 3 years ago when I planted new ones. Some have been moved and others went to that Big Garden in the sky :( but now when they bloom I will 'maybe' be able to guess which one is which!

Becki ~ you need to convince your Hubby to give lessons to others that are not as thoughtful about the things you love! Wow, he did a great job!

The 'man' that I said yes to 6 years ago, and I am using that word loosely right now GRRRRR! - let his new puppy (he was watching her!) eat, chew up and completly DESTROY!! my newest Tree Peony, a red Angel Trumpet & 4 flats of seedlings that I have been lovingly growing for about 4 weeks, along with the containers they were in. I heard the ruckus and rescued the 2 remaining pots of Angel Trumpets but I am going to be out of town for the next 3 days. For both of their sakes - they better take VERY good care of what is left!

One good thing about being out of town - I get to go to dinner one night with my oldest sister and the next night with a good friend from high school :) Should be a good time except for the meetings I have to sit through... LOL


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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Becki, I wouldn't worry about the tulips and daffy's, they seem to weather all this pretty well. If they were blooming they might get a bit of a burn on their tips but even then they close up when the sun is down and when it is chilly so it wouldn't be bad. The bleeding hearts and the roses I would probably cover to be on the safe side. My iris have gotten frost bite on the tips of the foliage before but it didn't impact the blooms, they didn't have stems coming up yet.

Marie, I am so sorry that "That Man You Said Yes to" 's dog behaved so badly! Bad DOG! Where is my rolled up newspaper? Gonna spank the dog or the man? Hmmmm, which one? Both? Have fun on your visit. Relax and enjoy yourself! Maybe take a nap during the meeting? lol!

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I just want to make some comments about plant names. Please try, whenever possible, to include as much information as possible about any plants you send. I realize that not all of us are plant breeders or collectors.LOL If you know the average height, sun requirements and flower color that would be great. There are some plants that may have 20 or many more varieties. Within those varieties you'll find differences in height, light, hardiness zones, insect pests, etc. With plants such as daylilies and irises flower color and size is fine. I don't want to put a dwarf plant in back of a taller variety.

If you've been growing a plant in your garden you'd be surprised how much info. you know about it!

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Trina/Pixie - I got the box and it is just beautiful.

She sent me a box full of plants (My Bertie Ferris daylily didn't make it last year so that was a pleasant surprise!!) seeds, metal plant markers and peat pots. Thanks Trina!!!

Marie - When my dog was a puppy, he's 4yrs. old now, he use to jump up and bite off what ever flower he could find in my garden. Now that he is older and more mature....he only goes after sunflowers. Doesn't matter if there annual or perennial, he munches on anything in the sunflower family. If he wasn't so darn cute I would have sent him packing a long time ago!!!


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Tracy, I got your package today!! Everything arrived in great shape! I am thrilled with everything that you sent!!
I received Heuchera Key Lime and Fuzzy Bells, (LOVE Heucheras!!) Zebra Iris, (Really wanted some of this!!) Sweet Woodruff, smells great!, and Geranium Tiny Monsters, which I googled, and now I can't wait to see it blooming in my flower bed! For now I am going to pot these up and keep them indoors. I still have snow on parts of my beds, and although it is suppose to be back to near 60 degrees on Friday, we're hearing we may have snow on Saturday again. I sure hope not. Tracy, I also love the gloves you sent. They are very nice! and the body mit and lotion will get used!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful box!!

My next good news is that at my Dr. appt. today, we decided that I should try Phsical Therapy. Three days a week for 6 weeks. I haven't had as much pain lately, so we are going to back away from surgery, for now anyway. I'll check in with the neurosurgeon after my 6 wks. of therapy. So other than the fact that we had to wait for over 2 hrs to see him, (again!) it was a pretty good visit! Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers regarding this. It is much appreciated! Now pray for me to have NO MORE SNOW!! lol just joking!

Tammy, I am so glad you liked what I sent, and I hope it arrived in good condition!


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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Karen, I am so glad that you liked your plants! I was excited to send the heuchera's to you! I have fallen in love with them! I was so happy to have the Zebra Iris to send to you! The Tiny Monsters makes me laugh with all of my Tiny Monsters running around here. At least with these they sit still and are nice and quiet. I'm so happy that you like everything and it arrived healthy for you.

Great news on the physical therapy. I did that for my lower back and it worked wonders. Any time it acts up now I just start back on the exercises I was given and everything feels much better. I am praying for no more snow for you! No Joke there! lol!


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I'm glad you got the box! I'm sorry I didn't notice earlier that you posted! I'm so glad everything made it okay! I didn't send a lot of plants, because I was so concerned they wouldn't make it well! I acutally reused the plant holder thing that Michelle sent some of mine in. I wish I had more of those! That was handy! I hope everything grows well for you!

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Louise, I am sooo happy you got the box and were happy with it. YAY on the Bertie Ferris!!!

Marie, I have the same problem with MUD here on her eating flowers lol for some reason she really likes the taste of mini roses lol. (they are now behind the fence containing my Love and Veggie Gardens) I hope you have a great time with your sister and friend while you are out of town and I hope the puppy and puppy's master mind your plants!!!!

Karen thats great about the physical therapy! Keeping ya in our thoughts and prayers (for no more snow also !!!)

Hope everyone has a great evening.


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Sharon!! I got my box!

Love the seashells!
Sharon also sent me a huge bag of dinnerplate dahlias and gladiolus, a bromeliad, a crinum lily and cosmos. I really love cosmos!

Coleus, Gomphrena, Baby's Breath, Sweet William, Lobster Claw Heliconia, Orange Cosmos, and Flagstaff Marigolds.

and Wormie the Water Sensor, I need a bushel basket of these, lol.

Thanks so much Sharon!


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