HAVE: Moving, have many citrus and tropical plants/trees to trad

northtexasgirl(z8 FTW)October 12, 2008

Hello. We are moving to a home with a much smaller yard so regretfully, I won't have nearly as much room for all my citrus,tropical fruit trees and other tropicals. I have tangerine, mandarin orange, Meyer improved lemon, sunquat, grapefruit, Cherimoya, plumeria, stapelia, hindu rope hoya, and others I just can't remember without walking out in my gardens. I am looking for tropical vines, dwarf citrus or tropical fruit trees and other tropicals. Please email me with a list of what you have to trade. I can send pics of everything I have to trade that you are interested in and I would appreciate the same. Thanks and have a beautiful night.



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i'd be interested in your hoyas, any and all that you have. i have dwarf banana trees( named but tag is outside, abt 4' tall, would have to be cut back for shipping.

miss daisy~

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gardendee(8b- FL)

Sending you an e-mail.


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do you still have your cherimoya and other fruit trees

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northtexasgirl(z8 FTW)

Journey, yes I do. What do you have to trade? Have a beautiful weekend.

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Hi there Leona,i wonder if you still have those plants you posted about, I collect caribbean seeds and plants.I have a passion fruit vine(passiflora edulis) which I have kept in a large pot and cut back for the winter.It should fruit this coming spring/summer.I also have a few other kinds of passionfruit seedlings growing and some seeds for: star apple,sousop(guanabana),Callaloo(amaranth var.),aji dulce,papaya,custard apple,sugar apple,paw paw,kiwi,mexican coriander(culantro),calabash,cassabanana,pepino,papaya,acerola,dragonfruit and guava.I also have some trees that i can take cuttings from two dwarf plum and two dwarf apricot,fig,and nectarine.I also have 2 kinds of banana pups dwarf cavendish and super dwarf mini.please let me know what you still have, thank you

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northtexasgirl(z8 FTW)

Hello Amanda. I still have the cherimoya, and the plumeria (which I would take large cuttings from - 1 red and 1 pink), also a large sunquat (about 5') which is presently full of fruit-it fruits better than any of the citrus I have,and two white pomegranate rooted cuttings (about 8" ea.), Meyer Improved Lemon tree, Hindu Rope Hoya cuttings and some other things. I'm interested in both of your dwarf bananas and some of the Dragon Fruit seed and paw paw seed (are they fresh?) Thanks and have a beautiful day.


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Yes, Im interested in the cherimoya,sunquat,pomegranate,and meyer lemon. Do you want the banana pups or the trees themselves? Also the dragonfruit and paw paw seeds were purchased from an online nursery and I received them 11/17/08, everything I have purchased from these people has sprouted so far.Thanks!

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