Well, it's starting!

randy_fJune 17, 2004

The temps are starting to crawl into the mid-90s now. And only getting into the low 70s overnight. Next stop: 100+! Wish me luck as I try to keep everything happy 'til mid-Sept. And you DON'T want my coming water bills!

(Let me see, now where was the text on Xeriscaping, forget this Trop stuff! hmmmm...)

Just kidding!

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danbo(8b MS Coast)

Good luck. Keep a wet bandana tied around your neck. A hat on. And the misters and sprinklers going.

After a few years absence we seem to be going back to our usual summertime pattern. As the day heats up. All the water on the lakes, bays and sounds starts to evaporate. Followed by our afternoon thunder showers. (Just before and during is the best time to be in the garden.)

But then the rain stops. The sun pops out. And it's like a steam bath.

Wear as little as you can legally get away with. (This is not the time of year for modesty.)

And dream of late October and November.

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danbo(8b MS Coast)

Randy. Is there some way I can send you some of this rain. The morning are ok. But just about every afternoon we get about a 1/2 inch to an inch of rain. This has been going on since beore Memorial Day. The mushrooms have fungus on them.

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tamivileine(z8b OS,MS, US)

about the rain down here, Danbo...

...that's Gulf energy dissipating in the form of t-storms rather than a hurricane, way I see it...

Plus, it saves me watering! My tropicals are eating it up!

sea ya

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After posting this, it's been a monsoon and the mildest summer I can EVER remember. Temps are in the low 80s, and rain every other day! And now 3 days in a row! I must not be in TEXAS anymore.... Toto, where am I??

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danbo(8b MS Coast)

Oh. I agree with you on that Tami. I'd rather this than another Betsy or Camile. But the bad part of Hurricane season doesn't start for at least a month to 6 weeks.

If my memory is correct. When George came through. We had had 2 or three weeks of rain. You probably got the eye. We were on the west side. Seems we lost a lot of trees because of all the rain. The ground was so saturated. They were being up rooted.

You are right about the watering. Other than a few pots I haven't had to do much watering. The biggest watering chore is to make sure the cypress vine doesn't bury the sprinkler. However, I would still like to go one week without driving through hub cap deep water.

Randy. Did that twister drop you and Toto on the coast. Welcome to Mississippi.

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Thanks again for your help on my bougies! Hope your plants are doing well! I'm going on vacation, so you watch. It'll be extremely hot & dry, just because I won't be here to take care of them!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck!

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A quick update from D. The heat is on this week. Mandevillas and other potted plants are taking a beating. Moving most into shade to part-shade conditions. We are supposed to get a break back down into the mid to low 90s next week. Maybe even some more rain. But right now, it's burn baby burn!

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