WANTED: Rare plants that can live indoors, in exchange for ???

mark4321_gwDecember 27, 2011

First off, my tastes aren't fixed, but I'm looking for really unusual and rare plants.

This is a bit confusing, since I'm just now moving and rapidly expanding my plant collection. My resources are very good, but they are biased heavily towards plants that live outside in the Bay Area. My list is short, but will be much longer in a few months.

Here's what I have now (this is the extend of my tiny collection!):

Deppea splendens (5 gallon pot, needs to be cut back). Straightforward to root.

Agapetes serpens: needs to be heavily cut back, so lots of cuttings.

Petunia exserta: Technically my mom's plant, but should need to be cut back soon

Eupatorium sordidum (the short annie's variety): also technically my mom's--who doesn't want a huge plant.

Salvia wagneriana (the pink and white form). Should be able to take cuttings in a couple weeks.

Brugmansia sanguinea 'Pachochoa': too small for cuttings (which would die ina hot climate).

Rhodochiton antrosanguineaum. Just starting to bloom. Plentyof material for cutting eventually; mabye seeds.

Lachenallia viridifolia--seeds or leeaf cuttngs: there should be more

Lobelia excelsa--seeds or bulbils soon.

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I forgot a few.

Boweia volubiilis--can take scale cuttings in the fall.

Monstera deliciiosa albo variegata--no cuttings soon (1 taken).

Ecballium elaterium (squirting cucumber). This is a mature plant, tha should fruit soon.

Khalanhkoe hybrid "Pink Butterflies". Hopefully many plantlets rooted soon.

I thinkt that's completeley it for now...

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I forget Lobelia excelsa (the first of many thing forgotten). Unfortunately we can't edit posts here....

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Would you check my list and see if there is anything I have you would trade for some of your plants. I would like to have several of yours but probably don't have anything strange or unusual you want. Let me know please, one way or the other.

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