Sheila(8b SW Texas)June 5, 2009

I recently purchased this beautiful plant at an area GH. It has a cluster of buds and I can hardly wait for them to open. They had a large specimen size plant on display that had hundreds of blooms and the fragrance was incredible.

I've planted it in a hanging basket. Choices of where to hang it are either a front porch where it will only get filtered afternoon sunlight or under an arbor over a fish pond where it can get much brighter filtered sunlight. The arbor is in an open area (This is SC Texas, hot sunlight), covered with black shade cloth. Some of it is further shaded by a heavy growth of butterfly bush. I also have a small screen house where I grow orchids. Less sunlight than either of the other two. Also, what about water & feeding needs? TIA.

Sheila :)

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I hope your hanging basket is fairly strong and has a good hook, etc, since stephanotis is a heavy, wood vine albeit rather slower growing.

I highly recommend the the arbor by the fishpond with brighter light!!! Not enough light and it won't flower as much as it could. In southern Florida stephanotis is terrific under the dappled shade of tall palms, but it definitely gets sun.

In the heat of summer, keep soil always moist, and as a lover of organic, rich soils, I'd liquid feed it at 1/2 the rate on the label every other watering as long as it remains warm, there in Texas probably through Sept.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stephanotis cultural info

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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

Thx gusolie. That feeding schedule will work well with what I give the orchids & I'll grow it by the fishpond. Thx also for the wonderful link.

Sheila :)

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