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merrydJune 13, 2006

I would like some advise on combining plants with somewhat different culture needs. I have windmill and sago palms, cannas, bannanas, taro and callacsia(sp!!), varigated and solid yucca(both with the softer leaves) that I'm going to try keep trimmed to look palm like.

My biggest question is what should NOT be grown together. My gardens are mostly part sun/shade with heavy shade most of the morning and the best sun in early to mid afternoon. I'm afraid mostly of heavy watering needs of one rotting another. Also asthetics, now and in the future.

Another concern is placement for optimal veiwing from our deck. It sits up from 5' to 8'with the yard sloping down to the front and the right continuing down the side to a small drainage creek bordered in the back with large shade trees (wich is SE and heavy in shade untill late morning/early afternoon). The creek sits about 15' down from the veiwing level of the deck. I don't want the tops of bananas or palms blocking the veiw but I want to play up the water feature. Looking straight out the back I have a center island garden then a wide border with a 6' privacy fence at the back, where the we can see over to the neighbors yard wich is quite nice so don't want to block that veiw either. The NW side is in mostly shade all day and the veiw isn't so important. There's a large maple near that side I'm contimplating cutting down, but thats so drastic, we love trees but there's a row of oak and a few other trees along the fence line.

I guess another question is how to deal with the massive root structure from the tree-how much dirt would have to be piled on top in order the be able to dig adequite holes?

Thanks for any imput

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windmill palm -- average watering; tolerates occasional wet periods and tolerates drought with age; full sun to light shade

sago palm (not a real palm) -- average watering; tolerates occasional wet periods and tolerates drought with age; tolerates sun in coolest areas, better with light shade in most areas

cannas -- best with full sun and lots of water

bananas -- best with full sun and lots of water; out of wind

taro -- lots of water when actively growing; full sun to light shade

calocasia -- same as taro

yuccas (both) -- dry soil, full sun

Never pile soil up on the root zone of an existing tree. If you cut the tree down, have the stump ground out; then you can plant anywhere.


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