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IMQTPI(z9 CA)April 7, 2005

Hopefully, this'll be an easy one for you Tropical Gurus!!!

I recently visited my local Wal-Mart and picked up a few plants with very descriptive tags: '8" Foliage'

I'm guessing the green one on the left is some sort of Alocasia. It has pretty "stiff" glossy leaves.

...And the purply-red one on the right is some sort of Cordyline (I'm hoping Cordyline baueri - since it's more suitable for my zone!!! It might be Cordyline fruticosa, though - more suitable for "indoors" in my neck o' the woods).

Both of these guys were in a somewhat 'shady' area of my local Wal-Mart's Garden Center. I'm hoping they're suitable for outdoor use here (but - this being Wal-Mart - I'm a tad dubious!). Worst case, I'll treat 'em as annuals, but I'd be Mondo-Happy if they were perennials (and I'm not opposed to mulching heavily, over winter, if need be).

So - Do any of you experts have an opinion as to what these guys might be? And what do they "like" (Sun-wise, Water-wise)?

Our yard is mostly subjected to deadly, glaring sunshine throughout the summer months - so I suspect they can't be "prominently displayed" outside our back door (planter surrounded by concrete - probably averages 120* in mid-summer).

I do have some "semi-shady" spots (morning sun only) that get quite a bit of water - back in "The Jungle Zone." (avg 80* temps w/plenty of water in summer - dipping to upper 20*s in the winter).

Do any of you "experts" know what these guys might be - and what conditions they prefer?

I'd be most appreciative!!!



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The Left one is a philodendron, I'm not sure which variety. The right is Hawaiian ti, Cordyline "Xerox"

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Boca_Joe(zone 7A)


do what I do. Keep the philo on the left IN THE POT and place it in another decorative pot (with drain holes) . you can stuff some spaghnum moss around the top and sides if you want. Place the decorative pot in a shady spot.

When colder weather comes, just pop the plant out and bring it back inside in the smaller pot!

I have also had great success planting tropicals in their original pots right in the ground, again when cold comes , it;s easy to pop up the pop and brng it in. The roots don't get disturbed, and I have never seen any detrimental effect on the plant growing like this- they seem to love it!

I have had a philo selloum for 4 years now in an 8" pot !! It has a spread of 4 to 5'!

good luck

Boca Joe

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