Tropical shade

beaver007(5B NE)June 28, 2006

I could'nt find this question looking back through the past topics posted in this forum so please dont be mad at me if I missed a question that has been asked a million times.

I have a patio that is pretty much full shade and I would kind of like it to look like the rest of my yard which is full of Colocasia's, Canna's, Banana's and palms, Does any body know of some tropical or tropicalesque plants for shade? I do prefer the big broad leaf look short or tall plants.

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Because you mentiond "patio", I'm going to assume that you want potted plants and probably potted plants that you can move under cover during the coldest part of winter. Here's a start:

Aucuba japonica JAPANESE AUCUBA
Acanthus mollis BEARÂS BREECH
Aspidistra elatior CAST-IRON PLANT
Zantedeschia aethiopica ÂGreen Goddess GIANT CALLA-LILY
Asplenium bulbiferum MOTHER FERN
Asplenium scolopendrium HARTÂS TONGUE FERN
Bergenia cordifolia BERGENIA
Billbergia nutans QUEEN'S TEARS
Billbergia pyramidalis and var striata PYRAMID
Camellia reticulata RETICULATE CAMELLIA
Clivia miniata FLAME LILY
Clivia nobilis RED LILY
Cordyline australis HARDY DRACAENA
Cordyline stricta AUSTRALIAN TI PLANT
Cycas revoluta CYCAD, SAGO "PALM"
Cyrtomium falcatum HOLLY FERN
Ensete ventricosum ÂMaurelii ABYSSINIAN BANANA
Fatsia japonica JAPANESE ARALIA
Nephrolepis cordifolia SOUTHERN SWORD FERN
Ophiopogon jaburan GIANT LILY TURF
Phlebodium aureum HAREÂS-FOOT FERN
Pyrrosia lingua JAPANESE FELT FERN
Rhapis excelsa LADY PALM
Rumohra adiantiformis LEATHERLEAF FERN
Schefflera puekleri TUPIDANTHUS
Tradescantia pallida ÂPurpurea PURPLE HEART


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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I'm guessing most of those things you mention may be in pots or you may dig them, but you're not growing them in the ground all year in Nebraska, right? I gardened in Nebraska before I moved here, and I commend your spirit! There are about as many great aroids for shade as the Colocasias and Alocasias you mention for sun--caladiums and philodendrons and anthuriums, for example. Check out NaturalSelectionsExotics, for instance, for some pictures of some of the larger-leaved ones. Of those, only caladium goes dormant, though, so you'd have to have room to store them. There are, as gardenguru says, some great begonias that would take growing in the house just fine too, some with very large leaves.

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beaver007(5B NE)

WOW what a list! I will get to looking all those up ASAP.
For around the patio area I will be doing the pot in a pot thing You know bury one pot and place the other pot in the first one to save time digging (I do enough digging in the yard I dont want to do any more)other wise if at all possible the plants I find will stay in the ground.
Some of the banana's and the palm's in my yard stay in the ground and every thing else comes out.
Thanks again for helping me out, If you think of more let me know.
I havent yet figured it out weather I like gardening or I have a fetish for digging holes in the ground and I just stick plants in the holes to cover up my fetish

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