Clerodendrum Ugandense

eponacapaillJuly 9, 2007

I just purchased 2 clerodendrum ugandense without checking the tags on them, I have a habit of being wowed by beauty but not checking the tags. My questions are how does one prune these? Do they bloom on new wood or old wood? Is it likely or unlikely to come back if I plant it in the ground? I am in zone 7 (Maryland)

Thank You!

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I found the information that I was looking for, I am going to return one of the plants and exchange it for something more hardy for this area and plant the other in a pot and keep it pruned. :-)

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Hi there! Are you about ready to cut back that Cleo? Wanna trade for something I have? Email me

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I just purchased a clerodendrum ugandense today and I watered it when I got home and put it in a partly shaded area in my back yard. The next thing I see is some of the leaves are turning brown and dying. Did it get too much sun or is it just too hot here in Florida for it? Please help...........

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

They do bloom on current season growth and are perfectly Hardy in full hot summer weather, and fully root hardy to cold in USDA zone 8b conditions that have hotter summers, and less likely to survive winters in the PNW's zone 8 conditions. They can be a bit slow to get blooming in cooler summer climates like my own, most shrubs here in Berkeley are just now getting into full bloom.

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