Confederate Rose

b4bettyOctober 13, 2008

I now am in love with this plant after seeing it in bloom all over Georgia and South Carolina this past week. Do you guys know if it is hardy here in Middle Tn?? And where I can purchase one?

We just got back from Charleston and the gardens there are just magnificent! Out tour guide said that 10 months out of the year their temps are over 70 degrees and that they have plants blooming 365 days of the year. I can't imagine what it would be like to have colorful gardens year round. And .... to not have to worry about over-wintering tender and less than hardy plants.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Hibiscus mutabilis is hardy to zone 7, so with well-drained soil and a proper layer of mulch, you should be able to grow it in middle Tennessee.

I'm always jealous of the people in Hawaii when I visit. They have trees that are giant versions of our houseplants! Huge very colorful blooms are the norm there year around. But, there are many plants we can grow here that can't be grown in the warmer areas. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Where's the link to your on-line photo album of all the neat botanical wonders you saw on your trip? (-;

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Oh my! How nice would that have been!! Maybe my daughter and grandchildren can help me figure out how to do that. This old grandma 'has come a long way' but not yet up to top speed on this computer stuff. Not yet anyway! But I'm working on it!! LOL

Got any ideas where I can purchase a Hibiscus mutabilis? Anyone here got any cuttings for sale?

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Post on the Plant Exchange for them---people will start cutting them to pretty soon.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

and if that doesn't work, you could try one of these mail order companies (all have very good Garden Watchdog ratings):

Almost Eden -

Annie's Annuals -
(They have it MISLABELED as Hibiscus taiwaniana. From what I can tell, it their's doesn't resemble Hibiscus taiwaniana.)

Niche Gardens -

Plant Delights -
(I'm getting addicted to this place.)

There may be other good nurseries that sell these, but these were the ones I found in my initial search.

Here are a couple of free tools you might want to bookmark and use in the future. They really help when looking for plants or nurseries:

Dave's Garden Plant Scout -

Dave's Garden Garden Watchdog -

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Gee...thanks guys for all the wonderful information and especially to you brandon7 for doing a search. I spent hours tonight browsing these sites and if I can't find locally I will order from one of them. I simply must have a confederate rose! I will also post on the plant exchange. I'm fairly new to these forums and wasn't aware of the plant exchange. This is a great!. Thanks again everyone.

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I've killed at least three nice cuttings in the past several years. I love that plant but I'm cursed.

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Betty come to The Middle Tennessee Plant Swap on Saturday! There may very well be some at the swap.

Check out our website at:

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)


Since you live in middle Tennessee, you really should try to go to the MTPS. Even if you didn't get a Confederate Rose, you'd have the time of your life.

When I go to the ETPS (our version for East Tn), it's one of the highlights of the year. I always come away with at least one plant that I didn't even know existed!

You don't have to have a lot to trade. Just come with whatever you have. You can meet tons of friendly gardeners from your area and even enjoy some great cooking.

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My question was going to be - About how many plants does one need to bring to this event? Thanks Brandon for answering that for me. I don't have a single thing potted up to bring. However I do have a tray of cotoneaster under mist that are rooted already. I suppose I could bring the entire tray. Do you think that would work?

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I got mine one ebay from dogwooderitternet. He sells small afordable starts, mine is still too small to take cuttings from or I would share with you. I have emailed him before looking for a particular plant and he emailed me back when it was listed. I have to agree with Brandon I love Plant Delights Nursery, my fave mail order and Tony Avant is a wonderful entertaining speaker if you ever have the oppertunity to hear him speak. But unless you are planning on buying several things shipping can be costly, but they are a very high quality mail order.


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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

I can't speak for the MTPS about what you should/could bring, but I bet they'll be happy with whatever you can bring. At the ETPS, we're fine with people showing up with nothing as long as they really don't have anything to bring and aren't just trying to be greedy. Some of us have way more than we need and just enjoy finding homes for the stuff. Sometimes I bring a pickup full of plants and try my best to come home with no more than five or six plants, so there's plenty for everyone.

I bet someone from the MTPS will give you an official answer soon.

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tngreenthumb(z6 TN)

Betty: Bring what you can. You'll leave with more than you brought. Usually.

I always bring lots of stuff and have absolutely no intention of taking it home with me. Same with a lot of others, although some bring special plants that they will only trade for something equally special. To each his or her own.

My stuff just isn't that special. *grin*

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tngreenthumb(z6 TN)

By the way, I picked some seeds for a red hibiscus that was growing on the roadside last year. I have a couple of plants from them that have bloomed and they look pretty much like Confederate Rose to me. The parent plant gets no special treatment that I can tell and has been there for at least three years now. So it's pretty hardy in the Nashville/Goodlettsville area.

That is IF it is Conf. Rose. I'll try and remember to post a photo this evening for a better ID.

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looking for local , Charlotte area , folks for help with info on angel trumpets and confederate roses. recently retired and I got the bug , gardening bug that is . I have both trumpets and confederate roses rooted and potted . would like info on what to do from here.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Foxglove12, for local info about a location in Charlotte (and I'm thinking you are talking about Charlotte, NC), you might want to try the Gardening in the Carolinas Forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardening in the Carolinas Forum

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