Question on placing a dieffenbachia outside in the summer

bmobile50January 16, 2014

The picture I've uploaded is about a year old. The plant is now about 4 ft tall. I've got a dieffenbachia that has gotten too big to keep inside.
This past summer, I placed it on our uncovered back patio, right up against the back of the house. Due to the eave of the roof, it was never in direct sunlight, and did quite well. This past summer was mild for this area, and it was a very wet. the temperature only got to the mid 90's for about a total of 3 weeks.
The thing is, normally it can get quite hot here. The 2 summers before this past one were brutal. There were quite a number of days where the temp was 100+.
My question is, would the plant do ok in temperatures that high, if it was kept in the shade? Due to the eave of the roof, the first 2 feet of the patio next to the house is always shaded, so if I placed it on the patio where I did this past summer, it would be in the shade all day. Right now, it's inside next to the sliding glass door, but I would like to put it back outside once all the cold weather is over.


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Diffenbachia are quite tropical, so you will have to wait until there is sustained mild, not just the end of cold. Minimums should be in mid 50's to 60's range.
Yes, they can endure temps into the low 100's outside, but in the shade. When it gets this hot, I also mist down the shade-growing tropicals a couple of times a day with garden hose. This will reduce the temps a bit.

P.S., Nice cat.

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My dieffs grow outside without any problems in those sorts of temperatures. As Njoasis says, just keep up the moisture/humidity as much as possible.

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dellis326 (Danny)

I saw Diffs growing outside, wild in an empty lot, in full sun for about half the day in Costa Rica a few years ago. It was April, the daily temps were 105-110 f every day. It did rain for an hour or two every day I was there (A week) They were in great shape, showed no sign of sun or heat damage.

Yours should do fine in the conditions you've described. Just water them a lot once the heat hits town.

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Mine are already outside. As long as it doesn't freeze, they tolerate overnight lows at any temperature above freezing just fine.

I have lots of houseplants growing outside. They stay outside unless threat of frost or freeze.

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