marcie_new(z8)January 16, 2010

Hi folks I know is a long shot VEERY LOOONG I am hoping someone in this forum know this, when I was little(age wise)I remember a bush? green of course and it produced orange berries and they were edible I seem to remember the name was grangenos or so I I think, Anyone? the berries would be ready to eat around may? june? its been so long I am not sure.It use to grow wild around Laredo Texas, Thank you all.

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Is it Celtis pallida? I think it fits the descrption and is called Granjeno as a common name and it produces orange berries.

Good luck!

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Yes it is!! so now on to the hunt I go, I already have a huisache? it blooms yellow very fragant viciuos thorns!! but its worthed. I am trying to start growing natives trees easy care. I found a toothache tree he is kind of big so I am not sure how well it transplants BUT the owner is going to clear the lot. so I am going to try and save it, actually I am looking for a sapling of this tree so that maybe it will grow for me. Thanks. Marcie

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You seem to be looking for very nice native plants. Unfortunately native plants are underused so its a challenge to find some of them, but if you want them they are worth looking for.

Good luck finding them!

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Hi guys, looks like I might get lucky!! I will come back and post.

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