Tropical Lanscape Design vs. Succulent Seascape??

jessejamespsyd(USA 10/Sunset 24)July 13, 2006

We live in San Diego, CA and moved into a home that has been beautifully landscaped with a tropical pool/landscape theme. We want to keep this and add to it. However, there is a center island which currently holds 4 king palms -- all other plants/flowers died shortly after we moved in.

I am now trying to decide whether to replant something to match the tropical theme or go in a different but similar direction to pull in the pool (and my love of the ocean). I was inspired after finding a Sunset Magazine article on Jeff Moore's Succulent Seascapes Garden(7/05). To see, go to:,20633,1065042,00.html

I'm a newie w/o much knowledge of design or what would work well togeter. I wanted to see what others thought would look best. Thanks!!! Jesse

Photo link to the island area I've discussed above:

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Nell Jean

The big questions are,
Why did all the existing tropicals die?
How much effort are you willing to put forth to keep this garden going?

If you google for 'Solana Succulents' you'll find many links with more photos of the work of Jeff Moore. The Philadelphia Show Garden is a good place to start.

The Garden Junk forum here may be able to help you with the underwater theme trinkets if you ask a question about showing 'Aquarium Gardens' which is not about underwater gardening, but making garden displays that resemble Ocean Scenes complete with those little accoutrements similar to those that make Moore's displays so colorful and fun. Unless, of course, money is not an issue and you can just go to Solana and buy out the store.


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