Watering my tropicals

firefightrsflameAugust 12, 2007

Hi all,

I've been really working hard on my back yard tropicals and palms the past 3 months.

Right now, I believe I have most everything getting on the right track watering-wise. Slowly, everything is starting to turn around and get a bit greener. Found out I wasn't getting enough water to my plants and palms. So now I want to make sure my tropicals are on the right track.

Anywho...I could use some more tips/advice from everyone here regarding some of my plants. They include philodendron, calla lilies, canna tropicana, small bird of paradise, new zealand flax.

What I've been learning so far about my other plants/palms is deep infrequent watering is good for the health of the plant. Is this true for the above mentioned plants as well?

Currently, I have my drip irrigation set to 1hr every 3 days. Most on a 1 or 2gph emitter. I am slowly playing with the time depending on the results I see from growth in the plants/palms. Proceeding with caution so to speak since they where in a bad shape prior to me learning all this stuff. Does this sound like a good amount for these plants? More? Less? They're all in ground on a 5ft block wall (good drainage) mixed with my queen palms. The canna are unstoppable and have showed no signs of problems. The others have had it rough since I had no idea they weren't getting the amount of water needed. Now, they're all starting to show some spark and I don't want to ruin a good thing.

I hope i am not talking in circles as it's late here! Thanks again for your help! - Terra

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1 or 2gph emitter is good; one gallon is probably fine. Mine did so much better when I stopped watering by hand, but it's a pain to set up drips...

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what about the amount of time on the plants, is it good or do you suggest more water?

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