NEW: ~~~~ Spectacular Spring Seed Swap~~~~

j_and_cApril 29, 2009

Welcome to the NEW Spectacular Spring Seed Swap!

Here's what to do: We will offer alot of new seeds (including ones from my collection) and each person will be given free seeds (for the price of postage).

Here are some of the details...

1) Sign up today! I will respond with the details...

2) Send as many packets of seeds as you would like, but please send no more than 15 packets of the same variety.

You can send up to 300 packets of seed total.

3) Here are the ideal amounts of seeds per packet:

Large Seeds 10+, medium 20+, small 50+, tiny 100+.

4)Send either a self addressed envelope or send a label and enough return postage to send your new seeds back to you. Remember, if this swap goes as well as anticipated, you'll get more back than you sent in!

5)You should send seeds fresh for 2009. If you have a wish list, you can either post it in this thread or send it to me, and I will do my best to grant your seed wishes! If you have category preferences you can also generally list, flowers, vegetables, mix batch, ornamental grasses, etc.

6)I will email you with where to send the seeds to. The seeds need to be in by May 20, 2009. I will send the seeds back to you after that date, as soon as I can, some, I may send earlier if received earlier than the deadline.

So, welcome friends and welcome newbies, this is open to everyone! If you are interested, please let everyone know here, then email me at for further details.

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greenthumbgrow(7 - MD)

Just a heads up J&C.

Most new members start out participating in a couple trades before hosting one just to get your reputation establised and your ratings high.

Also hosts normally need to make available their email addresses so we can contact you with addresses and such since we do not post personal information online.

We are a very friendly (and crazy) bunch here. We Love new members and would love to have you participate in a couple of the swaps. I just didn't want you to be disappointed if not that many signup. There have been problems before with new members signing up and hosting or trading and then not resending (I am definately not saying that is what you intended but you know how it goes one or two ruin it for the rest of us:-)

Great to have you at GW and welcome. If you are interested in building your ratings there is a great seed swap going on right now by micyrey AKA michelle called "Clean out the seed box swap"

Tammy AKA Greenthumbgrow
Hope to see you around the trade pages:-)

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Hi Tammy. I have participated in Round Robin trades, and have lots of reputable feedback on another trading site. It's okay though. I'm not sweating it. It's still open for those who want to participate. Thanks.

Oh, and my email address was previously posted, but I'll post again:

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I don't want to sound rude or anything there is only one RR group I say you in.
Most of us will be lerry of a newer person here, that is just how we all are.
There have been rules changed in some groups because of new member, that being less then 3 - 6 months old who have taken advantage of the group members and renegged on their end of the trade.
Tammy was only trying to point this out to you. It doesn't matter who good your rep is on other trading sites what matters is your rep here and she was just saying you do not have one here with us yet.
Tammy was also letting you know you have no LINK email incase someone wanted to email you through gardenweb, not that you have not posted one at some point, only that you need to add it to your member page when we click on the link to veiw your page. There is a space on the Edit your info to add an email address, just like on the other site you are on, it is just like dmail.
We tend to be a cautious group of folks here. Please feel free to join our groups or other swaps here and get to know US and let us get to know YOU and your GOOD REP here and we will be happy to join swaps you wish to host.
In the meantime we will be looking forward to getting to know you!

Welcome to Garden Web and the Robin Round Forum.
I am Fran btw, nice to meet you. Tell us about yourself.

:) Fran

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HI and welcome to Gardenweb...This is a great group of people, and we would LOVE to see you join in on the swaps and trades...and even our idle chit chat.

I too am on other sites, but each site is different, and we love when people join us all here at GW. It will take a bit to get to know everyone, and the best way is to join right in...although most swaps are hosted by the veteran members.

Good luck with your garden this season, and make sure you take a look at the seed exchange and the wintersowing forums.

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I found the other seed swap. I will participate in that one, and I guess I will try to do one again this Fall. Thanks all!

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Hello everyone! I have had over 5 successful seed/plant exchanges through the other GW forums. Someone asked if I had done Round Robins and encouraged me to do it because they could be a lot of fun.

I'm interested in participating and if the opportunity is still open let me know where to send the seeds.


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Hi aliciay. I unknowing opened this swap when I similar one started earlier the same day. I am participating in that one. If you have not already joined it, please check it out:

Thanks, and hope to see you there!

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