Purple sugar cane

jamkatAugust 31, 2008

Looking to find PURPLE SUGAR CANE, I found that the bugandy colored cane are misidentified by some as purple cane. It would have bright green leaves and burgandy stalk. These are common and can even be found on ebay. Be careful !. The TRUE PURPLE CANE'S botanical name is: SACCHARUM OFFICINARUM VIOLACEUM. It's common name is PELE'S SMOKE. It would have purple leaves and stalk. It is a beautiful plant. It is avail at Glass House Works, TX. for $ 25. Also avail at SHAMAN AUSTRALIS BOTANICALS, Australia for $ 4.00 Good luck, James

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

I found Pele's Smoke at local nurseries (it's an 'annual' here LOL!). Is Pele's Smoke an edible version or just an ornamental? I grew it one year and the canes didn't seem to be sweet or juicy.

A local Asian market has 3-foot stalks of edible purple/burgundy cane for sale. Do those get green leaves?

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>Also avail at SHAMAN AUSTRALIS BOTANICALS, Australia for $ 4.00

Yeah, right! Good luck getting them to respond to even a simply email asking for information about it, let alone risking an order through them.

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