My Confession to Massacure

behlgarden(9)February 22, 2012

I am here to confess that I killed my little 2-week old tomato seedlings! What was I thinking?? I have been putting these out in the sun all day long and these were thriving. yesterday I noticed rabbit close by and I feared that rabbit might end up eating it, so I covered them with plastic lid while leaving open space for air flow. 3 hours later all my seedlings were fried/baked in heat!

How could I forget such a simple basic thing! Once seedlings sprout, never cover them!

Lesson learned! Shame on me!

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Ohhhhhh NO! I put mine up on tables outside so the bunnys would not be tempted. I suggest you go purchase at least one or two at a nursery while you start more so you don't have that "empty nester" thing! LInda

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I am really sad and upset. I did went back and sowed seeds again. I also got good idea on germination rate so all is well on new stuff. I also seeded eggplant and peppers that were lagging behind, so this time I might get to have all germinate at the same time. fingers crossed.

Can seedlings 1-2 week old survive 45-50 degree temps outside?

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We surely do get attached to our little tomato babys! So sorry. I'm still bringing mine in when it gets dark outside and I place them under full spectrum type lights for a few hours before bed. Tomatoes can certainly handle temps like you mention if they are used to it. For new seedlings it might be a bit much. My peppers are always quite a bit longer to germinate than tomatoes.

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I know eggplants and peppers take longer to germinate, this is why I soak them in filtered water for 24 hours and then wrap them in moist paper towel and put it in ziplock bags over the top of refrigerator. they germinate within 10-days that way

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Plants can survive to 32 degrees (freeze)

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